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Friday, February 08, 2008

bottom up shawl w/o point pattern

I really really love shawls/wraps, but I have a big problem with the triangle shaped ones. I love them because they are bottom up so you can make them as big as you want, but for someone like me who is almost 6ft tall by the time the shawl is wide enough for my arms it's point is dragging the floor. So I decided to come up with a shawl w/o a point. It makes a great cowl style scarf also.

yarn & hook size doesnt matter. This is a simple stitch so it is great for a busy yarn.
The picture shown is with a worsted weight recycled boucle & a K hook
Depending on if you want a shawl size or a scarf determines your base number. The below pattern is for a shawl size. Do more chains for a scarf size.
Beginning chain is multiples of 4 + 3

Round 1: ch 31, dc in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in next 2 st, *ch1, skip next ch, 1 dc in next 3 stitches* repeat across, end with ch1 & 1 tr in last stitch
Round 2: ch4 (counts as dc ch1), turn, 3 dc in same ch1 space, ch1,* 3dc in next ch1 space, ch1* across to last space, tc in last space with last 3dcs
Repeat round 2 till desired length.


Dharma said...

Thanks for the invite! How sweet. Let's stay in touch.

Megan Malone said...

I found a link to your blogg through the cloche pattern on your blogg. i really like your creativity with the patterns and colors. I've gotten back into crocheting and am trying to find better patterns that have a more hipper look to them (it's hard). I've been trying to perfect a brim to my hats but no go so far because I cannot find a simple pattern that does not call for using a piece of plastic in order to shape the brim.
I love the pink hat with the buttons, how do you shape the brim? I have not posted too many pictures on my blog with my more recent projects, I've been super slacker with up dating my blog but I'd love to share and stay in contact with you. my blogg is

BYX said...

=] I definitely am a fan of the crochet hook in the scarf look.