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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Water bottle holder that clips to your belt, stroller etc

I Hook
worsted weight yarn
This fits a 20oz bottle of water

Round 1: Ch 6, join with sl in 1st ch
Round 2: Ch 2(counts as 1st dc), Dc into ring 13 times, join with sl to 1st Dc
Round 3: Ch 2, Dc in same stitch as ch2, *2Dc in next stitch* repeat to end, 1dc in last stitch, join with sl in 1st dc (27 stitches)
Round 4: Ch 2(counts as 1dc), 1dc in each space around, join with sl to 1st dc
Round 5: Ch 3, *Dc in next stitch, ch1, skip next dc, dc in next stitch, ch1* repeat from * to * join with sl to 1st ch3
Round 6-14: Ch 3(counts as dc & ch1) *dc in next ch1 space, ch1, dc in next ch1 space, ch1* repeat from * to *
At end of round 14 do not bind off

Row 1: Ch 1, turn, sc evenly 7times, Ch 1, turn
Row 2-4: skip 1st sc space, sc in each space to end, ch 1, turn (ending with 4 sc spaces)
Row 5-12: sc in each space across, ch 1, turn
Row 13: 1sc in first 2 spaces, ch 5, 1sc in next 2 spaces, ch 1, turn
Row 14: 1sc in 1st space, skip next sc space, sl in first chain stitch & in next 4, skip 1sc space, sc in next space bind off

Sew button to back of bag for button hole

to make this an over the shoulder bag repeat rows 1&2 untile desired length & join to opposite side of bag with sc stitches

Friday, March 09, 2007

The great goodies I received from my swap partner for the Bathroom theme swap

A carved picture for my wall with the symbol for relax.

2 embroidered towels if you cant tell they have 3 pockets and it says relax with little flowers. The buttons are vintage japanese.

I also got 4 candle holders w/candles with the same relax symbol.

Some milk lotion & body wash & a wash mit.

This is what I sent to my partner.

My partner's bathroom style was antique maps & jungle themes. So I sent her 3 pictures of vintage maps that I made to look antiqued by brushing them with watered down brown paint.

2 crocheted washcloths(started before I knew her theme)

An embroidered bath mat with birdies on one side & 2 non-skid feet on the back.

2 coffee candles with leather tie that I have had forever & was waiting for something good to use them on.

And 3 washcloths. 1 plain & 2 embroidered. One says guest & the other has a corner design.

Can you tell I have been using every excuse to use my new embroidery machine I got for x-mas that I can.......