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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day by Day Armageddon

So I was looking for a copy of I am Legend on amazon the other day & came across a book called day by day armageddon selling for between $33-$100 for a paperback. I was like um ok WHY? So I read the reviews sounded pretty good. I'm normally not the journal format type of book reader BUT I am a big zombie apocalypse freak so I checked it out. There is a free preview of the month of January in the book here and I honestly enjoyed it so I ordered it thru books & company. I had stopped by my actual store location the other day while out to see 1408 (which I will comment on later) and the dude at the store said they had it but it had to be shipped to my house for $17 something so I came home & got on their site & it was only $15.99. It's a special order so it may be out of print but it doesn't hurt to try. Chuckles read the preview & was like we're gonna fight over the book pshaw I bought it, I get first dibs.

On a crafty note I finished the dishcloths for both of my swap partners & hope they enjoy them. I went to Trader Joes today to pick something up for my crochet goodie bag swap. I know you're thinking ok what is at trader joes that has to do with'll just have to wait till the swap is over & I can post pics.

My hands have been KILLING me today & guess what it's been raining most of the day hmmmm & the doc says it's a pinched nerve suuuuuure couldn't be arthritis nah the doctor who gave me bextra (yeah the one that causes strokes) could never be wrong. If you are wondering I took like 2 of the sample pills he gave me of bextra & didn't notice a change so I put them in a cabinet....lucky for me huh. I threw them out after I saw the recall & lawsuits. I did finish a small crochet project for the crochet swap it helps with the stiffness but I can't do much or they will hurt more.

I have to work tomorrow bleck. I need a new job..........please fairy godmothers of great careers help me get a new job that won't drive me insane and I can pay the mortgage with oh & I can be creative at & I don't get a dick for a boss. I think I should just become a foot fetish model oiy

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Garden swap

Here are the items I sent in my last swap. Click to enlarge
From top left clockwise.
~A garden tool tote. The lining was made with a vinyl tablecloth so it would be easy to clean. I made it baby crib bumper style so she could sit small plants in the open area.
~a metal cake pan. This is an old trick my grandmother used to keep the birds & some animals out of her garden. The noise it makes when it hits the stick scares the crap out of them.
~a rockabilly headband, you really cant see it in the pic but there are little skulls in the hankie print. When I bought this fabric there was a religious lady behind the of the ones that wears the little white cap over their buns...anyways she was like wow that fabric is really ugly & asked the other lady to cut it. Being the freak I am I took that as a compliment from her.
~some pink flame gloves hand painted w/o a stencil
~2 bloody pots
~a little bag that holds soap. You hang it over your outside spigot & you can wash/scrub your hands in one step. It was done in a sc, ch1 stitch very easy. The soap is a M&P made with strawberry tea
~a spiderweb birdhouse. This was easy it was made with scrapbook paper & just decoupaged on. The biggest problem was cutting & folding it without too many rips.
~A good luck garden pick painted like dice & a horseshoe
~ the little garden markers are made from cocktail picks with a Latin word on 1 side & the meaning on the other
~ the Ziploc baggie is a baby spider plant

New pattern

I listed a new vintage knit pattern on etsy today if anyone is interested.

Click for a bigger image.

I'm also planning on listing this pattern once the batteries for my camera are charged.
I'm only charging $3.50 with free shipping since it will be emailed in a .pdf format. Which I think is pretty reasonable.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My dad has been in the hospital for the last 2 days. He was really swollen & tired, nothing really bad but it just makes me realize how old he is really getting. I remember when I was little & I thought he was the smartest man in the world (he is pretty damn smart) and he could kick the crap out of anyone. Now I see him getting older not being able to see & his body just giving up on sucks so much to see your parents get old. My dad has diabetes & hepatitis so his kidneys are giving out on him, but does he want a transplant for my brother or I......nope. He says why would I do that to prolong my life a couple years then what, you or your brother may have problems with your kidneys & you will only have 1 to depend on. He always jokes that is he knew he was going to live this long he would have taken better care of his body.

I've been really down lately thinking about where my life is going. I feel like I'm sitting still not doing much & everything is passing me by. I really wish I had a job I enjoyed, something where I could stretch my creativity.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Save Jericho

I LOVE this show with a passion. Granted its a little " hollywood" about how things would be but this is totally possible. Probably a little more grim than how they show it. I just wish they would show some chicks in a knitting/crochet circle. You know that would totally happen if there was an apocalypse all us crafty chicks would ban together to keep everyone warm during the winter. Silly CBS.

Anyways vote to make Jerich a top show

I Am Legend Trailer

For anyone who is interested in the new Will Smith movie coming out in Dec about the book by the same name I found a trailer of it online. I am so excited, there hasn't been a decient vampire movie in years.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scrubbie pattern

Bobble scrubbie pattern:
side 1 bobble= yo insert hook pull up a loop yo pull thru 2 loops on hook,yo pull up a loop yo pull thru 2 loops on hook, yo & pull up a loop yo pull thru all 5 loops on hook
Row1: ch4, join with sl st
Row2: ch2, 15 hdc in ring, join with sl to beginning ch2
Row3: ch2, bobble in same stitch, *2 hdc in next stitch, hdc & bobble in next stitch* repeat around join
Row4: 2 hdc in first stitch, *1hdc in next st, 1 hdc & bobble in next stitch, 1hdc in next stitch, 2 hdc in next stitch* repeat and join

Side 2
Row1: ch4, join with sl st
Row2: ch2 hdc in same stitch, 2 hdc in each stitch around, join
Row3: ch2 hdc in same stitch, *1 hdc in next stitch, 2 hdc in next stitch* repeat
Row4: ch2 hdc in next stitch, *1 hdc in next 2 stitches, 2 hdc in next stitch* repeat, join
Row 5: sc in each stitch around

ch as many stitches as you need to go across your hand (do 2 extra to tuck in when you sew everything together)sc across each stitch turn & sc again till you have the width you want

tuck in your handle between side 1 & 2 & either slip stitch around or sew to join I also used the tails from my beginning chan & tied them together so the scrubbie would stay flat.

If you have any problems let me know I tend to take notes in my own geeky shorthand only I know.

Movie reviews 06/14

Ok I have a couple to update. If you don't like spoilers don't read any further.

Hostel 2- pretty much the same as the last one except with girls. I honestly didn't like the last one because the acting & storey were pretty bad. Gore doesn't bother me but atleast have a good story to go with it. The second one had better acting & if you are a man hating woman you will probably love the scene when she cuts of the dudes you know what & feeds it to the dogs

Pirates of the Carribean: I wasn't really impressed with it. Just a big overpriced movie with not much to the story. Everyone looked good in it though.

I did see the preview for I am legend which I am really excited about I LOVE vampires & it has will smith in it. I'm trying to get my hands on the original book before it comes out in Dec. although I never enjoy a movie when I read the book first.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Just a litle FYI these may not be in order blogger wouldn't let me post the images one right after the next. I left off the first section because it was mostly granny square patterns so there may be part of the end of one.

Dishcloth patterns

Here are the patterns for th different discloths & hotpads. There is a number next to each item in the picture that tells you which pattern it is in the written text. Click on the image to make it larger.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dishcloth swap

I received a great package from my swap partner. I love when packages come when I'm having a shitty day. Last night...well actually 4am this morning Dylan started having seizures. He had one small one them a huge one that wouldn't stop so we had to take him to the ER vet. The poor little guy was so out of it. He had 2 doses of Valium & his pheno the little booger was still going strong when we got to the vet at 8am. We left him there for observation & to get some sleep until 4 & when we picked him up it was like nothing had happened. Dogs are such amazing creatures.

Anyways back to the crafts, here is what I sent my partner:

2 dishcloths
a pan handle cover
a towel holder ring (a gatorade cap ring was used)
a scrubbie
and a hot pad

I will post pics of what I received later & the pattern for the dishcloth & scrubbie.

And what I received from my partner: