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Friday, February 15, 2008

valentines day

yeah ok so we are the biggest lamers of all time. We didn't do anything for valentines day. I got the boi a cute little zombie valentines card from here If you know us then you know how appropriate it was. And I'm ordering a cute little ninja shirt from etsy. That was it. We were both like ehhh I don't want to go out it's too cold. Yes I know lame, but hey we love each other that's what the holiday is about not overpriced roses that will die in a couple days. We went to walmart & I was like just buy me a book I don't really need/want anything. We do our dinner & movie date night every week so a strict holiday doesn't really mean much to me.

My etsy shop has been rockin, I sold 6 items in the last 3 days.

I have a couple people testing new patterns for me so I may have a few new ones to list in my shop pretty soon. I have one for the market bag & the one I had for the yarn ball holder I'm thinking of listing.

I'm totally peeved I missed the first new episode of Jericho. I was saying all week set it up on your tivo you know you will forget. And what do I do, miss the first 15mins. ARGHH so I'll have to find it online. I made myself not watch it so I can know what's going on.

I didn't post about this before but I thought a few would be interested. I have been getting (ok maybe trying to get) really eco-friendly lately. Chuckles was laying on the couch one night while we were watching a movie & said wow I feel a lot of air coming thru this window. Our house is 110yrs old, but they did put in storm windows. I was like hmmmm lets see. I had some old tab top drapes from an old apt I lived in that had huge windows I was keeping for who knows why. I hung them up. They match ok & one panel is short so I put it over by where the cat like to look out. Then I was thinking about the back porch. we keep the door closed because it isn't heated, the windows out there aren't sealed so it just sucks the heat out of the house. I had put down my old rugs over the wood floor because it basically sits right on the foundation. Then I unhooked the dryer vent from going outside. I put a knee high pantyhose over the vent tube. We all have tried this at one time living in an apt. Anyways we keep the back door open when they dryer is on to keep the moisture on the porch down. Our heat bill has went down by $30 last month & the static electricity is gone with all that moisture. I'll post about it next month to see if the bill stays down or if it was a fluke.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

waves wrist warmer pattern

You will need to know how to do the following for this pattern:
slip stitch
half double crochet
work in the back or front of a stitch
change colors (optional)
seam up two pieces
join a new yarn
This pattern is a 1 page .pdf file. The email will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase. I will send to the email address listed on your paypal account unless another is stated in the note to seller section of your transaction.The pattern includes instructions for the 2 different sizes shown, long and short. It includes instructions if you would like to make it in 2 colors, as well as 2 sizes. This is for an adult size wrist warmer.c
Conditions of use:
you are able to sell the completed items everywhere EXCEPT online
please do not copy and distribute this pattern including via email
please do not resell
please do not try to say that this is your original pattern it is copy written
please do not post it in public forums or places like blogs
If you have an questions feel free to ask.
All pattern sales are final.
$3.50 USD

Friday, February 08, 2008

bottom up shawl w/o point pattern

I really really love shawls/wraps, but I have a big problem with the triangle shaped ones. I love them because they are bottom up so you can make them as big as you want, but for someone like me who is almost 6ft tall by the time the shawl is wide enough for my arms it's point is dragging the floor. So I decided to come up with a shawl w/o a point. It makes a great cowl style scarf also.

yarn & hook size doesnt matter. This is a simple stitch so it is great for a busy yarn.
The picture shown is with a worsted weight recycled boucle & a K hook
Depending on if you want a shawl size or a scarf determines your base number. The below pattern is for a shawl size. Do more chains for a scarf size.
Beginning chain is multiples of 4 + 3

Round 1: ch 31, dc in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in next 2 st, *ch1, skip next ch, 1 dc in next 3 stitches* repeat across, end with ch1 & 1 tr in last stitch
Round 2: ch4 (counts as dc ch1), turn, 3 dc in same ch1 space, ch1,* 3dc in next ch1 space, ch1* across to last space, tc in last space with last 3dcs
Repeat round 2 till desired length.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Some movie reviews

Work is extremely slow tonight WOOO HOO so I thought I would give some reviews for the movies we saw within the last 2 weeks. I have spoilers so don't read if you don't like that.

Ok so the big huge monster nobody has seen for millions of years because it lives so far down in the ocean, but miraculously it can breathe air & now feels the need to come ashore. For what? food? uhhh hello how many fish are in the sea to snack on. And his little parasites can breathe air also...Plus all fo them can see in light. Fish that live that far under water are like nocturnal animals their eyes have adapted to the dark. Ok so maybe it's an alien....umm ok where is the HUMONGOUS ship it would have had to take. Ok so I got past the unlikely monster because if I sat there & thought about it I would have a headache. The human characters were great. It had a very 9/11 apocalypse feel to it which I really dig. I think they should have done something like this with zombies. I liked it but I love those neighbor against neighbor end of the world fighting for your life movies. I would wait for video or cheap seat & if you see it in the theatre sit in the back so you wont get motion sickness.

The Eye
Ok totally not scary...ok well the creepy no-face floating guy in the elevator gave me the heebie geebies but otherwise I kept thinking ok what the hell is going on. I like Jessica Alba ever since she did Dark Angel & this was better than the Fan4 but it was kinda cheesie. She did play a good blind girl thought very convincing. Don't go expecting to be scared. I say wait for the video.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ok lets see if blogger is being nice

It was crazy warm today. I wore flip-flops...yeah in Feb in Ohio. Sometimes global warming has it's perks. But it has been raining pretty heavy tonight & last night, but it's better than snow & it's great for sleeping.

I have a couple of pictures I need to upload of the things I have been working on. One of the previous posts showed all the great goodies I got from my swap partner in the owl themed swap. Here is what I sent her. From top left clockwise. A tea pot cozy inspired by her wists. The bag part is fleece. The body of the owl is a felted sweater & the rest of the fabric is scraps I had laying around. A book pouch w/book. The fabric is actually a hankie I found at Wal-mart for .99cents. Some tea bags (I love sharing different tea flavors). 2 owl pins made from men's ties. There is one in my etsy shop if you like them. An owl hot pad. The stitch pattern for it actually started out as a hat with a different yarn that I messed up & I was like hmmmm I bet this would be cute in owl colors. A set of knitting needles made out of dowels & fimo. I'm not really great with clay so I made them pretty basic & used those cheepie letter beads for the eyes. Some refillable catnip toys & some fabric with owls on it.

Next up the new hat I tried to post last night. Made from recycled yarn in a acrylic wool blend. It is sooooo yummy & soft I kind of want to keep it for myself. Sometimes I wish I could gush about how much I love items on the description section of my etsy listing, but I know it sounds unprofessional. The bad is also recycled yarn 100% wool. This is from the basic cloche pattern I listed & this is how it turns out with 1 strand of bulky.

And last but not least the cool little eco-friendly tote I made from some recycled cotton. I hope these sell. They do take some time to make & I'm selling them dirt cheap compared to the work I put into them but if it helps the environment it's worth it. This is my original pattern so please don't try to copy it for profit, thanks. It fits an entrée size tupperware container & is made so you can carry your lunch & keep it hot/cold.

Monday, February 04, 2008

What I have been working on

So I took my mother to the thrift store last monday because I found out it was .50cent day the week before. She loves going to the thrift store to get old t-shirts to wear while cleaning that have funny comments. I went for the huge amount of good quality sweaters they have. It's one of the few thrift stores I can go to where I don't itch after I leave & doesn't have that musty smell. So I entered into the bargain hunter swap & can only spend $5, Chuckles was like honey that swap is perfect for you, you can probably pimp your partner out for that much.......and I did BUT I can't post pics yet because I haven't sent. I will show you 2 of the things I made from they yarn I got for myself.

This yarn was originally going to be for my swap partner but
1. It took freaking forever to take apart, so far I still have only recycled 1 sleeve
2. when I started taking it apart the teal would slip over the white yarn that is in the middle making little bumps, which to me looks like poor quality, so I got her something better.

I also made this really cool lunch carrier out of some cotton yarn I recycled. I've been into a lot of eco-friendly items lately & wanted to come up with a lunch tote that was a little out of the ordinary. It fits around an entree size tupperware container.
OK my computer is acting up I will post the rest later with pics if I can