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Saturday, December 27, 2008

French Seams AKA Vera Bradley seams how-to

This is how Vera Bradley does seams on her purses. If you've ever looked at her bags the fabric is basically one large quilted piece instead of a seperate outside & lining of the purse.

1. Take your fabric right sides facing out (yes I know this is weird) sew at presser foot width.

I had 2 different colors of thread in my machine just ignore that.

2. Turn your fabric wrong sides out & sew at a larger allowance (ie. 1/2in).

This is what your seam will look like on the inside & the outside. Very clean & finished. Yours will be more crisp if you iron them. I was making a fast gift bag & was lazy.

If you take a piece of ribbon fold it in 1/2 and tuck the folded end into your seam as you are sewing step 2 you can have a cute little tie for gift bags.

This can be done at any size seam allowance just make step #1 at a smaller allowance than step #2 so all your loose ends are tucked in.

How to make cornhole bags-Tutorial

Here is a fast & dirty version of how to make cornhole bags. The official rules are on the American Cornhole Association's website . Yeah I know I never knew there was such a thing. A friend asked me to make her a couple sets for x-mas. I don't play & really don't think it's much of a sport but it's something crafty so I made them.

ACA rules about size:

The corn bags shall be made from two fabric squares with a quarter inch double stitched seam on all four sides. The corn bags should be made from 12 oz / sq yd duck canvas and may be any color that is easy to see during Cornhole play. Each bag shall be filled with approximately 2 cups of corn feed and finished bags should be a minimum of 6" X 6" square and weigh between 14 and 16 ounces.

1. cut your fabric in a 6.5in X 6.5in square

2. With right sides together sew a 1/2in seam allowance around the square. Leave about 2-3 in open in the middle of one side. Used for filling the bags after you turn them right side out.

3. Sew another line around you bag between the seam & edge. This helps with strength from being tossed around so much. My first row was done with the seams being cut & the second row was done cornered to since there is more pressure from the corn on this seam.

4. Turn you bag right side out. Push out all your corners & fill with corn. I used cracked corn because I already had some available.

5. Tuck in the ends of the hole & stitch the 2 sides together backstitching at both ends.

Thes were made in less than 15mins. I made them using cotton instead of regulation duck cloth and I used cracked corn instead of the whole kernal style. But still pretty easy & cheap.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Star Wars rebel logo knitting chart

I was playing with photoshop to see if I can make a kniting chart & finally figured it out with the rebel alliance logo. So enjoy.