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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This is the prototype for some doggie/kitty toys I am planning on selling with a co-worker. I was asked to crochet up some toys, nothing specific but the sisters I am working with have a logo of a snail so I tried to make one. I will write out a pattern eventually & post it. The ones I have made since look better because the actual worm body of the snail is fatter. Right now he is being used as a pin cushion for my sewing projects, but he will always be the first *sniff sniff*

Beautiful Yarns

I also wanted to show off this beautiful handspun silk a woman I work with sister spun for me. Isn't it gorgeous. Its just going to be a simple scarf for me. 6 rows dc & 1 row quadrupal crochet (if there is such a thing) its just a tr but you yarn over 3 times instead of 2. Done with an "I" hook I think.

And I also made these simple cute thin accessory scarves out of this great yarn my boi got me from ebay. The lady sells a dozen of variety yarns in 15yard hanks for $3 .

Star Stitch Shawl

I also just finished a star stitch shawl & I freakin LOVE it!!!!!! I've always had problems with making shawls that are never big enough for my plus size butt. Most start at the top & you work your way down to the point, even doubling or tripling the first row they still end up too small. Well I FINALLY found one that works from the point up so you can make it as big as you want (I will post full pics later) I found the pattern here it is a little bit of a pain to read & I may have did the stitch a little off but I love the result. This was done with a P hook & some cheapy yarn from the $1 section of Target.

This is the finished shawl in the middle of having fringe added

Money Makers

I thought I would post a few of the projects I have been working on lately.

I have an order in for 9 of these sets for a woman I work with to give to the men in her family for x-mas. I'm charging $13 per set.

I got the pattern here and did a little adjusting. I think I added 1 or 2 more rows & I used a P hook with 2 strands of yarn held together. The scarf is just plain dc with one strand of black & one of camo held together. Also a P hook.

I also did a variation of the hat just for fun in leather pride colors.