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Monday, August 28, 2006

I think I may try these cute little imitation ugg booties for one of my future projects.....just as soon as someone around me is preggers again

Friday, August 18, 2006

Knitting Oiy!

Ok so if you havent noticed I'm a hooker not a knitter......not that I have anything against knitting. It looks great, it moves well BUT god does it take freakin FOREVER!!!! Sooooo I bought one of those knifty knitter sets because I wanted to try one & I had a 40% off coupon for hobby lobby. I really love how knit hats look but I so don't have the patience nor do my hands have the stamina to complete anything on regular needles. I must say I really like the knifty knitter....granted it still takes a while but I think its a lot easier to manipulate so no strain on my already overworked hands & everthing comes out looking pretty good. Here are some of the hats I have made for myself for this winter.....very basic but perfect size for my big melon.

This brown one was made from a recycled thrift store sweater that I was going to sell the yarn I took from it on ebay......but I feel in love with the wool & had to keep it. I had to knit it with 2 strands held together because it was pretty fine & a little fragile

The fuzzy hat was made with a light brown cheapy acrylic & this weird yarn that looked almost like a thin rope with puff balls here & there I got at the dollar tree. I love it I think it looks like something you would see in some sheep hearder who lives in the mountains of BFE wearing

Both the blue & the green hats were made from leftovers in the same color ranges

Doggy clothes

This is my baby & her winter ensemble isn't she so freakin cute.

Very easy to make from fleece. Cut one rectangle that is the length of your dog from the back of their neck to their tale......the width is 1/2 what your dog measures around its tummy(make wider if you want it to come down farther on the dog. Now measure around your dogs neck. Divide that number by 2, add 1/2 to one inch to that number (depends on how much overlap you want for the velcro) & you have the 2 pieces that go around the neck....The piece under the belly is the other 1/2 of what you measured you dog around its middle and its width is measured from the back of your dogs front paws to about 2-3 in before their naughty bits (2in for girls & 3in or more for boys).

I like to use 2 pieces of fabric for each piece for the really cold winters. Sew as directed below on the yellow lines....

Coca-Cola kitchen

Here are a few of the thing I have made or revamped for my kitchen. My g/f was allowed to pick the design of one room.....the kitchen. The design.....coca-cola.

Our ghetto fridge. A friend at work gave this to me when I bought my house last year. It had been in storage since god knows how long & it was FILTHY. Its missing those metal things on the doors that hold things in. The bottom shelve would cave in if it didnt have two drawers, some of the rubber is missing around the door & there is no light. Sooooooooo since it is pretty much going to be trashed when I can afford a new spiffy stainless steel one why not paint it right?

Its not completed yet......I couldnt find appliance paint in the obnoxious red I wanted so I used primer recomended by a dude at Homo Depot....unfortunately I didnt listen to myself and sand it prior so I had to basically redo the whole top portion because when I took off the tape I was using for lines the primer came with it.

When finished it will look like the old machines with the 5cent dispencers.

The rug in front is made from hot pads bought at the dollar tree, sewn together. Im going to eventually paint them to look like pop bottle caps

closeup of rug..........

the little box on top of the fride holds my extra dish sponges & was made of a recycled 12pack'll notice I'm notorious for reusing trash. I cant help being a hippy, it helps combat the consumerist that has pretty much been beaten into me by todays media

Sponge box......

I have also taken old soda bottle crates & turned them into a spice rack & storage for all my teas