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Friday, August 31, 2007

Amazing bag

Check out the amazing bag I recieved from the secret craftster swap. She is bound to get great swap karma from such an awesome package. I'm usually not the type to gush about anything but this bad is pretty freakin sweet. I LOVE IT!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

free yarn & needles

My dad's g/f is too cool she is the garage sale & freebie queen. Check out these huge boxes of goodies she got for me for free. One of her friends had to put her mother into a nursing home & she was cleaning out her items. The before boxes:

Yes those ar my toes (atleast they are painted) and yes that is miss jasmine rubbing on the side of the box. I swear she is like a crack fiend when it comes to boxes, plastic bage & paper. I was pouring yesterday when we came in but I couldn't sit still until I could go thru the box so I ran out to the car when it slowed a little bit. Anyways some after pics:

This is by no means everything. This is most of what I am keeping. The water bottle is full of straight needles & DPNs except 1 pair I'm using right now. Check out the vintage all plastic circulars they are pretty neat. Unfortunately all the circulars are small sizes & I need some large ones, but I'm not complaining. I do need some help identifying the wooden item in the top right corner. I was thinking it may be used to stuff small items but I'm not sure. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

There were some other items I'm going to send to my swap partner so I won't mention them here. I also have a item I'm not sure about it looks like an accessory for an old kenmore sewing machine by my best guess maybe to make button holes & some fabric scraps that I plan to give to chuckles grandma (ducks & country hearts, not really my thing).

And here is the after of the yarn box after some winding. Its mostly acrylic. Only 3 small balls of cotton, 1 of mohair & maybe that large green ball in the middle is wool, I'll have to test it.

After box:

the walmart bag is all baby yarn so maybe someone will have a rugrat soon & I can use it. The other I may try to sell on etsy this winter & for x-mas presents.

I also received my package from the crochet bag swap. It was so worth the wait. Unfortuanately customs took 1/2 of the items. I'm thinking of stopping swaps for a while because of all the problems I'm having with the PO.

Here are the great items:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weight loss

I felt like telling someone this. Not like anyone reads my blog but I feel like sharing. I dropped down to part time at my job in Oct of last year due to the stress level. I was literally feeling suicidal & there is no job no matter how well it pays that will make me go on anti-depressants that I don't normally need (in my head anyways). So since Oct I have lost 20lbs!!!! I haven't been trying to loose weight, I came to terms with my curves long ago but it is nice for my clothes to fit a little better. I haven't really changed my diet except staying away from cafeteria food because I'm not at work when they are open. And I don't really exercise, the most I do is light cleaning & playing with the dog. But it's so cool to me that I have lost that much. Granted I'm not sure where maybe my pinky toe but it's still cool.

Maybe my flabby arms will start to disapper from all the knitting/crocheting.......I wish!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I haven't really felt like blogging lately because I have been feeling pretty blah about the things I have been making. Currently I have a sweater & two caplets going that are knit. I have been so bored with doing the same stitch over & over that I was falling asleep while knitting so I decided to whip up a couple small things. I made a swiffer cover out of some cheap scratchy acrylic I picked up in a grab bag of yarn from the thrift store. I need to sew some buttons on it & I will report how well it works. I crocheted it with some pretty huge bobbles for scrubbing. I'm also working on a small shawl while at work just so I could do some different stitches. I really need to start making items I can list on etsy since some of my things are expiring.

In home news chuckles has a new job WOOO HOOO finally. It looks like it may be a good fit & it will be nice to have some extra money coming in. The seamstress job I applied for said they would have a decision by last wed & I waited till monday to see if they would call & nothing. I really REALLY hate calling a company about a job because I sound like a total goob. You would think I didn't talk on the phone all day...... anyways the chick was like actually we have a meeting Friday (tomorrow) with the company we are looking to get this from so we haven't made a decision yet but I will put a note on your resume that you called. I was kinda iffy about the chick because she didn't really talk that much in the interview but she seemed impressed I called. Cross you fingers for me.

We went to see the Bourne Ultimatum last week. I really liked it, then again I liked the first 2. I found myself laughing a lot during it. Not in the jokey kind of way more like the smart-ass kicking the bad guys buts way. It was pretty good I recommend it. Invasion comes out this week & I want to see it. Chuckles isn't a big fan of nicole kidman but I was like come on it's invasion of the body snatchers we HAVE to go see it. I freaking love all the body snatcher movies, the whole your friends are out to get you like zombie movies is great.

Speaking of zombies I am in the zombie swap & I have made a couple cool things, I'm not going to post them until after my partner gets them because I think that's rude to ruin a surprise but everything is looking pretty good. I think this year I may go as a zombie for halloween if we go to the OD. I'm tired of freezing & you never see any women with cool horror costumes on, they are all to worried about looking like a hoochie.

Friday, August 10, 2007

secret swap

I have received 2 great packages from my secret craftster swap. Chiquita & Dylan both received little sweaters. I am seriously impressed with how fast my partner can knit. I'm also surprised dylan liked his outfit & didn't try to take it off. we have been trying to find something for him to wear when its really bad out in the winter. I am so happy about what I have received. Its nice to get some cool items since my last 2 packages have been lost .

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ebay items

I listed some items on ebay for chuckles if anyone is interested. 3 World of Warcraft books & some gevalia coffee.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Well I had my interview today for the seamstress position. It went really well I thought, the easiest interview I have ever went to I wasn't nervous at all. The guy doing the interview said more than I did I think. They have great benefits & pay well over what my min would be & it looks pretty easy. The guy said my experience in customer service was a big plus on my resume because if they were short staffed he could use me in the front office & he also said I really like you, you are easy to talk to YAY! Then he was talking about the business & he was saying how much he hates corporate america & how they treat their employees & I was thinking in my head OH MY GOD I TOTALLY AGREE....but I was cool & said yes I feel the same way. and to top it off they have a dog in their office. I LOVE a company that has a dog it is so progressive. I really hope I get it.

I'm currently working on the anthropologie inspired caplet from this pattern using size 13 needles. I'm making it out of this really outrageous recycled yarn. It is a thick & thin that is fushia, light pink & white with a small strand of gold. I got it to make baby items out of but everyone I know is having a boy. I may not keep it I may just sell it but I wanted to see if I could do it.