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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wristwarmer pattern

Worsted weight yarn
H or I hook
tapestry needle (optional)

Stitch pattern:
Multiples of 2 + 1ch
Row 1: sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across
Row 2: Ch1, turn; skip first sc, (sc, dc) in next sc, *skip next sc, (sc, dc) in next sc; repeat from * across
Row 3: Ch1, turn; (sc, dc) in each dc across.
Repeat row 3 of pattern

Sc decrease: YO insert hook, YO insert hook in next stitch, YO pull thru all loops on hook

Pattern is worked from knuckles towards elbow.
Ch 29 (I have small hands so chain as many as you need to go around your knuckles in multiples of 2 + 1)
Work pattern stitch for desired length. (Make sure you remember how many rows you have completed so your warmers will be the same length.)
Last row work a HDC in each stitch around.
Seam up sides either with a needle or with slip stitches until the beginning of your thumb knuckle. I don't like to cut & join yarns so I worked sl along one side of the thumb opening then I joined the sides again.

Row 1:For thumb join yarn to any stitch & work 1 row of sc around hole. Don't join with a sl just keep working sc's
Row 2: Keep working in sc until 1/2 way down thumb start working sc decreases in every stitch until you reach the other side then work 1 sc in each stitch & 1 decrease at the stitch where your thumb "web" is.
I know it sounds weird. Basically just decreased on the outside of your thumb where your first knuckle would be & the web so it won't bunch. More decreases around the knuckle less in the web.
Row 3: repeat row 2
Row 4: work 1 sc in each stitch, in last stitch use a sl stitch & weave in ends

If you are wondering I used a 100% wool from a recycled sweater.

update 02/15/08: I was asked if this was an adult or child's size. This pattern is for an adult size. You can make it in any size you need though. The multiples are listed at the top & can go up or down if you need to. Just wrap it around the knuckles of the person they will be made for & it will fit the rest of the wrist fine.

Update 11/28/09 This lovely etsy seller is trying to sell my FREE pattern. If you ever see this or any of my other free patterns for sale, please let me know. I am offering these to you for free to use for personal use & no one has my permission to sell them.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Resident Evil

So chuckles & I decided to go see resident evil last night. I have been waiting for this to come out for some time. If you know me then you know I love zombies & I love any movie that has a chick that kicks butt so I totally loved this movie. Can I just say how entertaining it is to go see a movie that is about a video game. It's like all the gamers come out of the woodwork or their mom's basement & haven't seen daylight in a couple year. It's so fun to watch. Anywho go see resident evil, if you liked the others you will like this one. I interested in seeing 30 days of nights now & Hitman from the previews.

In crafty news I haven't been doing much because I have been reading a lot lately but I did make a pair of wrist warmers & listed them on etsy. if they don't sell I'm going to keep them for myself they are uber warm.

I will write up some book reviews in the next week or so. I have been reading basically a book a day. The first 3 books in Lora Leighs Breed series & almost the whole dark hunter series by Kenyon

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Book kick

I've been on a romance novel kick lately due to boredom. I went to Krogers the other night at like 1:30 am because I was bored & picked up a couple trashy novels hoping they would put me to sleep. Yes I like my smut what can I say. I'm not really into porn movies or magazines......even though I knew a girl who did them, but that's a whole different story. But I like my romance novels. Yes they are predictable & you could probably read them by skipping whole pages/paragraphs (and I do sometimes) but they are fun & light hearted. They are my version of a romantic comedy. Anyways one of the books I got was "Hidden Agendas" by Lora Leigh. I really liked it. Light on the plot but heavy in the naughty scenes. I hate romance novels that play up all the different character with elaborate name & you can't remember who is the lord & lady of which duke & duchess blah blah. So needless to say I will be looking for more of her books in store. I purchased a couple ebooks but they are really tiring on the eyes. I may hit half price book tomorrow.

I also recently applied for another job AGAIN with he city. They never reply to me so I'm not getting my hopes up. One girl I know took a civil service test & didn't get a call back until 2years later. Tells you how great the city of dayton is, now I know why our streets are so jacked up they sit around with their thumbs up their butts.

I got 3 passes to the movies today at work & they catered Mama DiSalvos not bad. It's pretty sad their catering is better than the restaurant itself. I will probably use my passes to go see the new resident evil that I have been waiting for. I hope its good.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I haven't posted in a while because we had guests over the holiday weekend. We went to Young's Dairy & Chuckles wants to take me to the sheep shearing on the 15th. I secretly think he just wants to play with the goats & sheep again but it's sweet anyways. I have knitted a couple hats & I'm in the middle of 2 star baby blankets. One to sell to a co-worker & one to list on etsy. I also recently listed some buttons & hats (one already sold) on etsy if anyone is interested. I've been using my kick ass bag that I posted ablut last time every day & I LOVE it. I even made a new wallet for it since my old leather one was getting dingy.

We went to see the new halloween last week. It was ok. Totally not what I expected from a Rob Zombie movie. It made the movie more realistic how he did it, showing why Mikey was fucked in the head because his mom was a stripper & his stepdad a perv yada yada but it was kinda boring. But the dude they got to play the adult Michael was freakin huge he had to be a pro wrestler or something. I would say wait for the DVD.

I don't really have any new pics except the one from when chuckles caught a baby bull frog in the back yard he was so cute. I'll have to post that one when I am home from work.