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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunflowers & calorimetry

These are the pics I wanted to post last week. First the beautiful sunflowers chuckles brought home for me last friday before I had to be at work. Don't I have the sweetest boi sometimes.

I have also been making calorimetrys from This is my 2nd & 3rd completed one. This is my first followed pattern. These 2 are made with cheapie acrylic & I CO 90 stitches. I have another brown one. I was thinking of listing a couple on etsy to see if anyone is interested.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dirty old men

I usually don't talk about work that much because unless you work here you wont really get it but I must share today.........

A dirty old man old enough to be my father just called & as the convo was going on he was like oh I would never lie I'm a minister....Oh realllllly correct me if I'm wrong but isn't today SUNDAY your one day of work? lie #1

I didn't pay you guys because my car was stolen, well actually both my cars a Jag & a Mercedes were stolen within the last month *eye roll* then later well I had to put down $1000 to get a new Mercedes and they are cutting me a check for the one that was stolen for 8k. Ok how old is this Mercedes & what happened to the Jag didn't get any money from it because it doesn't really exist. Now my thinking was you have to scratch up a grand for a down payment on your mercedes but you cant pay $15 for your credit card payment, wouldn't common sense say if you can't afford $15 maybe you need to get something like a Saturn just a thought. I made a joke that maybe he needs to get a car that is less tempting & he replied that well he is in a church community & has to have something stylish. Uhhh ok since when is it better to fork over a buttload for an unnecessary car than it is to give to charity. I grew up with a Grandmother who I would consider the most giving christian in the world very mother teresa like & she would give a person the shirt off her back if they would need it & you would never catch her in anything designer because she had much better use for her money. when did it become acceptable for ministers to care more about their image.

Then he proceeded to ask me personal questions. Am I married, did I go to college, where I live, basically being a perv saying he was looking for a younger woman to marry EWWWW. My smartmouth had to pipe in even though I can't really say anything I find ways of making a point. He started with the do you go to church speal. I was like nope & there was the usually come back from him to which I always reply I don't feel you have to go to an organized church to be a religious person. That reply always gets the money grubbers real fast MWAH HA HA they never like that one. Then he was talking about going to anti-gay rallies & doing the "right thing" ohhh if he only knew.

Then he was like well if you get any info on my problem you can call me & tried to give me his number. I was thinking dude I know EVERYTHING about you already don't even try it. I really hate dirty old men, I mean come on even if it wasn't totally gross on his end for all he knows I could be 400lbs with warts all over my face.

Ok rant over.......

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogger is a PIMA

Well I took a bunch of pics today including the beautiful sunflowers chuckles surprised me with but blogger is being a big ol butt so I can't post anything. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

I did list my scrap scarf that I posted a pic of in my last post on etsy if anyone is interested in it.

I also made 3 new calorimetries but cant post pics again. Oh well I'll try later. I wish you could kick websites, wouldn't that be an intersting inventions......virtual butt kicks hmm

Monday, October 15, 2007

lots of pics

I've finished a couple things recently. A hat made of a bulky lambswool, angora & alpaca blend that was so much fun to play with even if it made me sneeze. This was my first time making a hat on straight needles instead of circulars. I think prefer circs, I wasn't really big on the seaming & it was kinda hard to judge the size in straight needles. This was really fast to make. Those are also my new glasses that I really love.

I have a couple of stitch books that I have been trying to work my way thru practicing new stitches. I just learned the waffle weave (yes I know I'm behind). Anyways I made a carry case for chuckles new GPS. It was just seamed up on 2 sides & I made the handle from chains & weaving it thru the stitches. Uber easy & it has a good padding for the GPS screen.

I also finished a scrap yarn scarf. I had 2 full large ziploc bags full of scraps. I am 3/4 of the way finished with my second scarf & I haven't even gotten down to 1 bag yet. This was made holding 2 strands together & using a knifty knitter. I relaly like it but I think I may list it on etsy. I was thinking of making something similar to this but doing it in rainbow shades. Like making an all red section of various scraps then going to orange etc. I think it would come out really cute.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Recycled hat

I haven't really been crafty lately. I only joined 1 swap & I will post pics of what I sent after my partner receives. I did however finish a hat I have been working on for quite some time. I made it on some plastic circulars that I received in that huge box of yarn a couple posts back. They are pretty old but I must say I really liked working with the. It's weird because when it comes to crochet hooks I despise plastic & love wood but with knitting needles I like plastic & dislike wood, weird. Anyways here is the hat I finished. I cant remember the needle size off-hand but I would say somewhere between 5 & 7. I also made a really cool scarf from all of my scraps that I'm thinking of listing on etsy. It's so funky I can't decide if I want to keep it myself.
In entertainment news we went to see Eastern Promises last week. The movie was good even though I figured out what was happening like 1/2 way thru but the ending sucked. If you don't want a spoiler don't read any further. Vigo is a cop in the movie. DUH I figured that out as soon as he fucked the girl in the whore house & gave her that card you knew something was going to happen to help her get out of the situation. My pet peeve was ok he is a good guy & the midwife keeps the baby WHY didn't they end up together it was so stupid. Instead of making him a cop & giving everyone the hope the move would be a HEA why not just keep him as a good bad guy then you could be like aww they can't be together because he is mafia but you know he really loves her. Making him a cop was just stupid I kept thinking ok he took down the boss & his next in line is a alkie so it wouldn't be hard to take him out why does he need to stay undercover.....stupid. BUT I did like the full frontal of Vigo. Even though I don't get into penis watching I think men in movies get it way easy by never showing the goods. I am all about the equal opportunity fool frontal. Let the world know some of your fav dudes aren't hung like a horse.
And on that note I'm off to read some smut. I must recommend if you are tired of the same old romance novels. They cater the the more modern descriptions instead of saying something like her flowering womanhood their authors use words like pussy & cunt which the feminist in me loves! And they also cater to people who like bondage, boy on boy, threesomes yada yada. Oh & most are ebooks so you can be a perv in the comfort of your own home ;)