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Saturday, June 07, 2008

totally depressing post

I have had the last 2 weeks from hell. My father had a heart attack & died on the 27th. Add to that he didn't have insurance on his house to cover his death, didn't marry his long time g/f & had just refinanced the house. SOOOO nobody can afford to pay for it. My future step-mother doesn't make enough to cover even the mortgage. So what can we do, it's not even like it's a profitable market to sell during. We probably wouldn't even make the money back for how much he had it financed out for. Plus my bro & I have to be the bad man & pretty muck kick her out of the house she has lived in for the last 4-5years. I won't even go into how FUBAR the death benefits are. I got thru the funeral pretty well all things considered I thought I would be comatose. Then Chuckles woke up a day or 2 later with his eye swelled shut from an infected stye. Then dylan had a massive seizure. THEN we go out thurs night & what happens I get food poisoning. I couldn't leave the bathroom for most of the day & I never get sick. We also don't have much money from all the unpaid time we had to take for the funeral so I'm pretty much in a fuck it mood about everything. And everything is due right now. Fun times.