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Sunday, November 16, 2008

maroon triangle shawl

I decided to list a couple of the shawls I have made. This was a fairly quick crochet so it is at a very cheap price on my shop if anyone is interested. I love making shawls but I really don't know many people who have the style that would like one. I personally love them. But then again I love old victorian clothing & I think corsets should come back but I'm the minority. I'm currently working on a star pattern one out of a mustard boucle yarn that is working up pretty fast.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Williams eatery in Yellow Springs

Chuckles & I decided to make a stop in Yellow Springs on our way back from Fairborn. I love hitting the Import house & I wanted to check out all the new knitting graffiti. While there we stopped by Williams eatery & catering. It's a new restaurant where Gypsy's cafe use to be. I noticed it when we were at the street fair but it was way to busy to take a peek. They had a menu posted outside, which BTW I LOVE when restaurants do this. Nothing bugs me more than going somewhere new & looking at the menu & detesting everything they have. Just save me the time buy posting it outside then I'll know if I want to try. Anyways the restaurant serves a 50/50 menu of american style food & peruvian, which I had never tried. I have what my boss calls a white girl stomach. I don't do spicy. I love it but it doesn't love me. So, I'm always a little iffy about trying new stuff. I went simple with chicken skewers & Chuckles did papas rellenos which neither of us had heard of before. We also tried their deep fried broccoli. OMG this was like the best dinner experience we have had in ages. The broccoli had a light breading & I think maybe some cheese, I swear I'm going to start having cravings for that stuff it was so good. My chicken skewers were perfect even really moist, which most restaurants around here can't do. Chuckles papas rellenos was pretty flippin good also. I would definitely recommend it. I know we will be going back.