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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas with family

There are some naughty pic in this post just to warn you. My christmas was pretty good. I had an almost all envelope x-mas gotta love that. Chuckles got me a Coach purse & my dad got me a mini sewing machine, which unfortunately is a piece of crap. I didn't get any more pics of the items I made but I will take pics of the nintendo controller pillow I made chuckles & was a pretty big hit.

So my mom got a gag gift from my dad, she was joking with him about wanting him to fix her up with one of his friends & kept asking about him in a joking manner. So what does my dad do.....Calls chuckles & I and says lets got to Hustler, yes as in Larry Flint. We have a hustler Hollywood about 20mins away since we are so close to Cincy. My family is pretty open about sex but it was cracking me up when we went to look thru the toys & I would say "Hey dad look at this one" guys kept turning around giving me the weirdest looks hehehe

So anyways this is my mom after she got the box open & realized what it was. That blurriness to the pic is 9 smokers in a living room. I'm the only non-smoker it almost killed me. That is my cousin who is the coolest...he's a vietnam vet that just amazes me.

This is my mom inspecting her new boyfriend. yes that is what you think it is.

This is my dad with his gift of a pussy whistle from chuckles. Just so you know my dad doesn't believe in wearing clothes without holes or stains even though he has a whole closet full. OIY
I will posts some pics of the nintendo pillow when I have more time I have been running ragged this week.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

New items & The Mist review

I know most of my posts lately have been about my shop, honestly that's about all I have time for outside of x-mas presents. I won't bore you with all of the x-mas items because they are pretty much the same things over & over just in different colors. I am making something really cool for chuckles but cant post pics until after x-mas. Lets just say it's gamer inspired ;)

I listed this hat tonight that was based on a pattern I found online, but changed up a bunch to fit my needs. It's made with 2 strands, 1 of acrylic & 1 of 100% wool that I recycled. I really like it. These hats have been selling really well most sell within a couple days of listing. I really wish I could make them in a shorter time frame so I can list more but my right arm has been killing me. I can barely move it up & back without any pain. I may take some of my x-mas money & indulge in a massage this year.

I also listed some neckwarmers. My first time making them but they came out very warm. I almost want to keep them for myself.

We went to see The Mist last Tues. I haven't read the story in a good 10-15yrs so I can't remember if it matched the book exactly. I do remember in the book they never really saw the monster just the tentacles & in the movie there is more than 1 monster & you get to see them all. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the movie. The last stephen king movie I saw was 1408 which SUCKED big hairy monkey balls. This time I really enjoyed it. Granted it was really sad because of how realistic they made the crazy religious fanatics. Chuckles & I were both like this is why you never stay with a group of people when the shit hits the fan they either get crazy & start trying to kill people or they do something stupid & get people killed just like in zombie movies. When civilization collapses you always just stay in your own little family. Oh & if you aren't a big fan of creepy crawlies or bugs you won't like it. Even I had the willies from all the mega sized bugs. I would def recommend seeing it just be prepared for being a little sad at how selfish & fucked up society is.