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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I had my interview today for the recycling plant. I think it went really well...a panel interview *bleck* But I wasn't as nervous as I usually am, maybe because I knew I was qualified for it. The plant was really nice & the guys who interviewed me were really cool. It felt more like a conversation than an interview which they say is how it should go so cross your fingers for me.

In crafty news I have been making dishcloths lately to practice different stitches & to really do something mindless to relieve stress.

All of the yarns used are recycled from sweaters. The brown was a men's old navy sweater that magically appeared in my house so you know I had to take it apart. The yarn is so thin it is basically the size of 2 strands of heavy nylon thread held together. I used a crochet hook size normally used for thread doilies. I actually really like it. I may make something larger like a lacy scarf if I feel up to it, it would take FOREVER. I've made a lot more dishcloths but, I either already gave them away, they are in use or I'm sending them for my swap.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Ok so this craft blog hasn't been really crafty lately....sorry. I've had a lot of stress lately which means I have been crocheting like a mad woman just not taking pics.

I have a love hate relationship with this shawl. I can't decide if I love it or hate it. It's one of those items I pick up for a day or two then put it away because I don't like it. It's not because its ugly or its giving me problems, actually it was way easier than I expected. I just can't think of any time I would actually wear it. Chuckles was like ummmm doesn't it kinda defeat the purpose of wearing a shawl if it's all holey *grumbles* true.
I used a K hook & a worsted acrylic that is some discontinued brand I've never seen before I got on sale for $1

I got the pattern from:

I've also been making a bunch of cotton dishcloths lately to practice different stitches & for the dishcloth swap I entered. I'll load pics after the swap is over.

I had some really dark cotton just sitting around calling my name & I couldn't think of anything to make with it. I only had 2 balls so it had to be something small. Then I remembered the green paisley dress I have that I never wear because its sleeveless & I don't have a cute summer shrug for it soooooooo......
For size reference the original yarn was a 6ply worsted weight. I split it in 1/2 and I'm using a K hook. The stitch is called snapdragon. Basically a V stitch & 5dc then the opposite the next row. I would have had more done but I only worked 6hrs tonight & we were busy most of the time.
In other news if you are interested I have an interview Tues for a position I really want cross your fingers for me.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Movie reviews

I was thinking since chuckles & I go see a new movie about every week that I would start posting my reviews for different movies. Now be aware I love weird movies like John Waters & cheesie movie so think about that when you read my reviews. so what I have seen lately:

Spiderman- I was actually kind of bored during it. Granted some lady brought in 3 small children behind me that wouldn't sit still & would cry on & off thru the movie. But I honestly thought it was very similar to the last movie. perter parker loves mary Jane then he leaves her then they get back together again in a happily ever after after he rescues her. Sounds familiar doesn't it. The big bad villain is an ok guy at the beginning then he goes all evil then he becomes a semi-softie at the end & decides not to fight against spidey. sounds like doc ock doesn't it. Well that's exactly how the sandmand & the goblin Jr are in this one. Same thing over again. I say wait for it on tape. No real impressive shots & it kinda made me motion sick the way they did the CGI & shakey camera thing.

The Condemned- Ok so this is a WWE steve austin movie which I'm not big on that we went to because nothing else was playing & it was $5 day. But honestly it was pretty good. You know whats going to happen from the beginning hello it was produced by WWE & steve austin is in it obviously he will be the hero. If you are against violence especially against women this isn't the movie for you. But if you are like me & love gore then you will love this. There is a rape scene but they don't show anything just the aftereffect & you can pretty much guess what happened. This is a great guy movie if you are in the mood for violence & a silly plot one of those no-brainer movies. I say wait for the dollar theatre or DVD. No huge effects & not really a life changing plot but a good basic action movie.

Disterbia- So I thought this was going to be one of those cheesie teen movies that I like (I warned you I like cheese) but I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one. Good acting VERY funny in a dry way. Good thriller like ohhhh girl don't go down in that basement type & it has a happy ending. I love happy endings as long as they aren't forced & so unbelievable. I def recommend seeing this one in the theatre worth the money.

300- Love it! I swear this movie is a gay mans dream. The guys in it were seriously chiseled. The story was a little weak at the beginning but it made up for it in cool effects, great cinematography & good acting. I def recommend seeing this in a theatre great effects. I think it would be way better in a theatre than on DVD.

Blades of Glory- Its Will Ferral if you like him then you'll like this, nuff said. Rent it unless you are a huge fan.

Ghost Rider- I wasn't impressed with it. It had some nice bikes in it though. the story was boring, the effects were good. This would be a good movie for kids & tweens. Wait for the DVD

Grindhouse- LOVE IT! the second movie with kurt russell was actually better than the zombie one & I'm a big zombie fan. You will love the first one if you are into mega cheese like me. Excessive violence, gross out puss & corney comedy. If you are a woman you will love the second film especially the end. Go see it in the theatre. Its long but you won't even want to leave during the fake movie previews between each movie.

Black snake moan- Not impressed at all. If you are a Christina rici fan you will love it because she looks really good. The story was stupid & pointless. A total waste of Sam jacksons talent. I wouldnt even rent it.

the Reaping-It wasn't scarey at all but not bad. It had a great twist ending. I'm big on religious movies that are kinda cynical & make you think different things about religion. If you were expecting a scarey movie it isn't but I liked it. You realize what is going on about 20mins from the end but its still good. Rent or dollar theatre

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well I got a call about that great job I applied for...yay & I just finished the assessment test. Wow do I ever suck. I got a 50% on the section for business writing, granted the average is a 60% but I always thought I was a stickler for punctuation. I guess I've been out of school for too long. Maybe I can make up for it in the sections I did well in for math, typing & data entry. I think I did well for the data entry even though I didn't use a 10key pad.

In better news I sold another item on etsy...YAY. I really need to get on the ball & list some of the items I made recently, maybe after I get home tonight. I'm working until midnight now on my new schedule which sucks but at least I get 2 more hours of pay.

I have such cabin fever I hope some festivals are coming up. I have a strong urge to go swimming but I really don't like public pools.

I planted some veggies yesterday. I hope they do as well as last years. At least I planted some things that we will eat this year. And I put up a fence to keep the weenie from jumping around in the garden, maybe it will keep the bunnies out too. It looks really white trash with the 2 different color fences but its doing the job & that's all that matters.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

summer cold

So Chuckles & I have been horribly ill for the last 2 weeks. I was first with a sore throat for 4days straight, it felt like pure fire. Guess I should have taken that as a sign as to how long I would be sick. Can I just tell you how much it sucks to have to talk on the phone for 5hrs straight with throat problems. But I guess it could be worse it could have been a 10hr day.

I swear it my luck I go all winter w/o being sick but as soon as it gets warm out I get a cold. I need to plant some veggies in the garden....don't have the energy. I need to make & list some new items on etsy.....don't feel like it. I need to clean & do laundry....don't feel like it. All I want to do is either sleep all day or be a couch potato.....blah

I finished a couple hats within the last 2 weeks one to sell just like the blue one in my shop & a cute recycled pink cotton that looks like a knit hat inspired by mary jane in spiderman (i think) I only looked at it once but thought it would be cute on my big melon. I need to get around to taking pics. I received the coolest swap package from my crochet swap partner. I just wish Canada post didn't take so long, I know I'm missing out on really great partners by not shipping outside the us but it really sucks to have to wait so long when you know something has been sent.

My new scheduled started today & the big dork I am forgot so I got ready for work.....luckily I don't go in till 6 & 1/2 way there I was like wait a minute I don't think I work today. I went in anyways to see if Kandy was there to pay me for the hat I'm selling her & to double check I didn't have to work....of course she was off & I didn't have to be there soooooo I called up chuckles & we went shopping for mothers day prezzies.

After a couple hours shopping we came home & I vegged.....that's how tired this cold has made me walking around for maybe 2hrs at the most wears me out. I tried to finish this blue recycled cotton hat (just like the pink with a K hook) and I got maybe 3 rounds done & I was done for. Granted I am in no way the most active person but this is ridiculous. So we decided to watch pulse....not to bad, not scary at all but a great movie to sit & comment about the stupid girl going into the dark basement type.

We are suppose to go see Spiderman tomorrow for $5day I hope its good. I can't wait until 28 weeks is out I FREAKIN LOVE the first one & it better not be a disappointment. I am so ready for all the summer festivals to start especially the street fair. I'm ready to get all sun burnt & achy from walking. I love how it makes you feel all exhausted but relaxed, getting all kinds of creative ideas from the things you see & feeling in tune with nature being outside all day.

I recently applied for a job with a local city organization & I hope I get it *crossing my fingers* I would be absolutely perfect for the position & the hours are perfect, the location is perfect, & the pay isn't too bad...but I probably won't get it. I'm not sure why I'm not getting any offers the only thing I can think of is my education. My resume is strong I get replies all the time (things I'm not interested in of course) my work history is strong. I just wish I could get in somewhere where I can show what I can do I am sooooo tired of my current job. I'm so burnt out & dread every day I go in. I'm amazed that I have been there almost 8yrs when the burnout rate is 18months. Guess I can handles some major BS.

So if there are any wealthy bosses out there that need a creative person on their staff & can pay me enough to live I will work for you until I keel over with the utmost gratitude...........