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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yarn ball wrist holder

This item is made so you can carry your work with you without a large bag. Great if you want to walk and knit/crochet. It is also great for center pull skeins. If you need to work from both ends of your center pull there is a hole in the bottom so you can pull yarn from both ends.

I also use them for:

-bus or train rides. You don't have to keep your bag open for your yarn, great for keeping pickpockets out or nosy people.

-car trips

-going to the beach. You don't have to worry about sitting your yarn in the sand

-hot days outside when you don't want that heavy fiber sticking to you

-exercising. Yes walking can now be enjoyable.

Working with a worsted weight yarn the opening of the bag is roughly 11in unstretched. The strap is roughly 12in unstretched. You can fit a ball of yarn about the size of a baseball easily.

You will need to know how to do the following for this pattern:


slip stitch

single crochet

double crochet

working in the round

This pattern is a 1 page .pdf file. The email will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase. I will send to the email address listed on your paypal account unless another is stated in the note to seller section of your transaction. If you are unaware of how to open a .pdf file just let me know on your buyer notes & I can send it as regular text via e-mail from a hotmail account.

I can take custom orders for the completed item, please contact me for details.

Conditions of use:

you are able to sell the completed items everywhere EXCEPT online

please do not copy and distribute this pattern including via email

please do not resell

please do not try to say that this is your original pattern it is copy written

please do not post it in public forums or places like blogs

If you have an questions or problems with the pattern feel free to ask.
$3.50 USD

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hellokitty435 said...

I saw a fabric one of these for sale at the sewing expo in Atl last weekend and wanted one- so thoughtful of you to give a pattern for us! Thanks! You should consider selling them on etsy.