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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas with family

There are some naughty pic in this post just to warn you. My christmas was pretty good. I had an almost all envelope x-mas gotta love that. Chuckles got me a Coach purse & my dad got me a mini sewing machine, which unfortunately is a piece of crap. I didn't get any more pics of the items I made but I will take pics of the nintendo controller pillow I made chuckles & was a pretty big hit.

So my mom got a gag gift from my dad, she was joking with him about wanting him to fix her up with one of his friends & kept asking about him in a joking manner. So what does my dad do.....Calls chuckles & I and says lets got to Hustler, yes as in Larry Flint. We have a hustler Hollywood about 20mins away since we are so close to Cincy. My family is pretty open about sex but it was cracking me up when we went to look thru the toys & I would say "Hey dad look at this one" guys kept turning around giving me the weirdest looks hehehe

So anyways this is my mom after she got the box open & realized what it was. That blurriness to the pic is 9 smokers in a living room. I'm the only non-smoker it almost killed me. That is my cousin who is the coolest...he's a vietnam vet that just amazes me.

This is my mom inspecting her new boyfriend. yes that is what you think it is.

This is my dad with his gift of a pussy whistle from chuckles. Just so you know my dad doesn't believe in wearing clothes without holes or stains even though he has a whole closet full. OIY
I will posts some pics of the nintendo pillow when I have more time I have been running ragged this week.

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