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Saturday, October 04, 2008

don't kill me for not posting

Yes I know I'm a lamer for not posting but you know how life is. I've been crazy busy lately. I was working 2 jobs until the beginning of Sept & I FINALLY quit GE (thank god). Oh how I hated that place. Since I no longer work there I can finally say this....If you have a credit card with GE Consumer Finance or GE Money get rid of it. Well hell while your at it get rid of any credit card, they are evil & people do not realise how much you are getting screwed having one. Trust me on this. Get a plain old debit card from your bank with a major credit card logo on it if you want to use it for reservations or buying online. That's all you really need. If you don't have the money for it don't buy it.

This week chuckles bought me something shiney......This!!! >
The picture totally doesn't do it justice. It looks like an antiques & I'm pretty sure it is a one of a kind. I LOVE it!!

I'm going to try & keep my blog more up to date now that I work mon-fri which is totally weird to me. I can't remember the last time I had weekends off. I've also joined the new street team on etsy for LGBT's so I'm hoping to have more to write about. Right about now I'm having more issues in my everyday life going on instead of crafty stuff & I'm not going to bore people with that.

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