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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Produce bags for sale

These are my popular owl produce bags. I am trying out allowing purchase via my blog to cut down on etsy fees. If you would like some feel free to purchase through here.

These eco-friendly produce bags are reusable, washable and fold into nearly nothing so they can easily fit into the pocket of your shopping tote. Your purchase is visible through the mesh, so the cashier does not have to open each bag at the check-out.

The cute owl patches made from recycled material gives a little style to a very basic bag. Many cashiers have commented on how adorable my set is. Your fabric color may vary slightly from the picture shown, darker or lighter beige.

They also make great eco-friendly gift bags that the recipient can reuse again and again after the gift giving is done.Long lasting, transparent, durable and lightweight mesh bags perfect for the local farmer's market. Come home with NO plastic bags

Size:14in X 18in (35.5cm X 45.7cm)
Washing instructions:Wash under tap water if necessary. Rinse and hang to dry over night or, even better, roll in a clean dishtowel and they are instantly dry

Bags are made as orders are placed. Please allow 3 days for production before shipping.


Macatawa said...

These are adorable! Just ordered a set. I would likely not have found these on Etsy. Wish they were available in the lemongrass green the photo shows for me. Maybe another set later.

Macatawa said...

Thanks so much! Received my set in the green and I love them. Impeccably well made and are surprisingly, wonderfully soft.

motleycruiser said...

I'm glad you love them. Please enjoy. Go green!!