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Friday, August 18, 2006

Doggy clothes

This is my baby & her winter ensemble isn't she so freakin cute.

Very easy to make from fleece. Cut one rectangle that is the length of your dog from the back of their neck to their tale......the width is 1/2 what your dog measures around its tummy(make wider if you want it to come down farther on the dog. Now measure around your dogs neck. Divide that number by 2, add 1/2 to one inch to that number (depends on how much overlap you want for the velcro) & you have the 2 pieces that go around the neck....The piece under the belly is the other 1/2 of what you measured you dog around its middle and its width is measured from the back of your dogs front paws to about 2-3 in before their naughty bits (2in for girls & 3in or more for boys).

I like to use 2 pieces of fabric for each piece for the really cold winters. Sew as directed below on the yellow lines....

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Christina said...

That outfit is so cute. And so is your baby. Mine looks just like yours only where yours has black mine has white and mine has longer legs. Mine just absolutely freezes in the winter months. So any new out fits I can make for her to keep here warm, makes her happy.
God Bless,