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Friday, August 18, 2006

Knitting Oiy!

Ok so if you havent noticed I'm a hooker not a knitter......not that I have anything against knitting. It looks great, it moves well BUT god does it take freakin FOREVER!!!! Sooooo I bought one of those knifty knitter sets because I wanted to try one & I had a 40% off coupon for hobby lobby. I really love how knit hats look but I so don't have the patience nor do my hands have the stamina to complete anything on regular needles. I must say I really like the knifty knitter....granted it still takes a while but I think its a lot easier to manipulate so no strain on my already overworked hands & everthing comes out looking pretty good. Here are some of the hats I have made for myself for this winter.....very basic but perfect size for my big melon.

This brown one was made from a recycled thrift store sweater that I was going to sell the yarn I took from it on ebay......but I feel in love with the wool & had to keep it. I had to knit it with 2 strands held together because it was pretty fine & a little fragile

The fuzzy hat was made with a light brown cheapy acrylic & this weird yarn that looked almost like a thin rope with puff balls here & there I got at the dollar tree. I love it I think it looks like something you would see in some sheep hearder who lives in the mountains of BFE wearing

Both the blue & the green hats were made from leftovers in the same color ranges

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