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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ok so I secretly love making baby items. But what I really love is making baby items that look like minature adult clothing or making things for babies that an adult could never wear because they are totally off the wall. Like a 35yr old man could never wear an outfit that looks like a big teddy bear (unless its halloween) but I bet he could when he was 3mos old.

So 2 of my friends are planning a little one & I have started making items when I don't have a current project. Can I just say how hard it is to think of androgenous baby items that aren't the typical blah yellow & green. What I plan is to make an item here & there as the months go on and then present them with a huge bag of hats, booties, blankies etc in various sizes at the shower. Hopefully they will be preggers soon so I can get down to girly or boy things. Here are a few hats I have made so far.

The big leaf on the pumpkin hat was from this pattern I cant find the hat pattern but it was easy to make the ridges just do a fpdc in even amounts around the hat to make the ridges.

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