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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Craft Swaps

Oh how I missed craft swaps.....I think I stopped for too long & now I'm over compensating for lost time.
Here are some things I made lately.
Dollar store swap:
I made a scrapbooking tote & wallet out of 4 dishtowels
and some knitted slippers using this loom pattern.
Which you can use the small blue knifty knitter to make.

For my tiny little dog swap I made a cute little treat jar with my swap partner's dogs name on it. The doggie bones on top were sealed with Modge Podge which actually makes a pretty good lacquer after a couple coats. Then I made a retractable leash saddle bag. I think I may make another one of these for next summer. It came out a little wonky because I was working without a pattern & had only seen one in a catalogue once but it works. Next time I think I will just make 1 big elastic loop then attach the pockets. Anyways what this is for is to carry treats, poop bags, your keys, or even to have a little water bowl for the dog. I also made some little puppy size squeekers out of felt. And the doggie shirt was made from 1 fleece scarf. I cant believe I got that much fabric from 1 scarf I may have to make another one for chiquita.

I'm currently in a Hat/Glove swap. I hope my partner likes the stuff I made I thought it was a pretty cool idea, I'm just worried if the color stitch combo may be too much. I swear I'm becoming more conservative as I get older its so weird.
I'm also in a World of Warcraft swap for chuckles. Can I just say GRRRRRRRRRR at trying to come up with ideas for something you have no clue about. But honestly I think the stuff I have made is pretty creative since I have no clue about anything on that stupid game.

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