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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Went to see Beowulf tonight. Kinda cheesie but the 3D action was pretty good. A lot of people in the theatre were laughing at parts I'm sure the writer didn't mean to be funny cause it was just corny. They did show a preview for another 3D movie with Brendan Frasier Journey to the center of the earth. I liked the old version so we may check it out, it looked pretty good.

I listed 2 new hats on etsy before we left for the movies & when I got back I had sold 3 items. WOO HOO maybe I can pay a bill or 2. This is the other hat I listed today. It's really soft & very cute I hope someone buys it.

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Dharma said...

Honey, you look a little stiff in that photo. Ha.