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Monday, November 12, 2007

tree hugger calorimetry

I have been in a tree mood lately not sure why but they just seem so beautiful to me. No big bushy green ones, but dry willowy ones with thin branches. Anyways I was bored at work yesterday & had some of this acrylic that reminds me of the colors of nature. All I had were some 10.5 needles free so I tried it. I CO 84 or 86 stitches which made it 24in long. and then I did a freehand tree on the side. I really like it. I kinda want to keep it but I listed it on etsy. We need money more right now than I need any more accessories. Although we went to the flea market & the African dudes there had some really great Coach, Prada, D&G & D&B fakes so I may splurge & get one for my x-mas present to myself. I really want a lime green prada I saw a girl carrying at Krogers the other day. Granted it wouldn't match anything in my closet but it was so pretty.
Chuckles & I took my mom to the grocery store. She told us if we take her once a week she will buy us groceries so I was like hey we are short on cash why not we never get that much anyways. We went to the Krogers by our old apartment that basically only hires dykes in the deli dept. They got to know me when we lived there but I always thought it was so funny that when it was just me they were just polite & got my turkey never talking much but when Chuckles is with me they all become chatty cathy. Every one of them does it. It's like what you can't talk to a femme because she might magically turn hetero right in front of you. Only if a butch is with her, it makes her more queer *eye roll*. But I will admit I do enjoy the better service I get & my mom got it too when she ordered her meat. Oh well......


Dharma said...

Lime green always goes with something! Maybe you need more black in your wardrobe. I got lots to spare.

Dharma said...

Forgot. Loved the femme might turn hetero. I just ignore that notion and flirt with butches, especially if I'm alone because otherwise most of them think I'm straight, even if they only date femmes. Weird, no?