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Friday, January 25, 2008

Basic cloche pattern

Working with 2 strands of worsted weight held together or 1 strand of bulky
K hook
join each round with a slip stitch into the top of the ch2

Round 1: Chain 4, join with sl stitch
Row 2: Ch 2, 8 HDC in ring, join to beginning ch2
Row 3: Ch2, work 2 HDC in each stitch around
Row 4: Ch2, work 1 HDC in same stitch, 1 HDC in next stitch, *2 HDC in next stitch, 1 HDC in next stitch* around
Row 5: Ch2, work 1 HDC in same stitch, 1 HDC in next 2 stitches, *2 HDC in next stitch, 1 HDC in next 2 stitches* around
Row 6: Ch2, work 1 HDC in same stitch, 1 HDC in next 3 stitches, *2 HDC in next stitch, 1 HDC in next 3 stitches* around
Row 7: Ch2, work 1 HDC in same stitch, 1 HDC in next 4 stitches, *2 HDC in next stitch, 1 HDC in next 4 stitches* around
Row 8: Ch2, work 1 HDC in same stitch, 1 HDC in next 5 stitches, *2 HDC in next stitch, 1 HDC in next 5 stitches* around
Row 9-15: Work 1 HDC in each stitch
Row 16: ch2, HDC in next stitch, *HDCtog over next 2 stitches, work 1 HDC in next 5 stitches*, repeat
Row 17: ch2, HDC in next stitch, *HDCtog over next 2 stitches, work 1 HDC in next 4 stitches*, repeat
Row 18: ch2, HDC in each stitch around
Row 19: ch2, 2HDC in each stitch around

So in simple words. Work 6 increase rows, 6 regular rows, 2 decrease rows, 1 regular row & 1 increase row

This is a basic formula for a cloche, so you can change it up with different sitches/colors etc.
I try to check this pattern every couple months with fresh eyes to make sure I didn't forget anything. So if you see a problem let me know.


JanT said...

I love this pattern but am a little challenged when it comes to understanding crochet instructions. At the end of each row, do you crochet in the beginning ch 2 space?
I've tried doing a slip stitch in the ch 2 and crocheting in the ch 2 space. I'm doing something wrong as there are holes/spaces in that area after I do the next row above it.
Thank you!

sunnyceej said...

I have found that instead of starting each row with 2 HDC in the first stitch, I start with 1 HDC in each stitch till I get to the next 2 HDC in each stitch. then when I get to the end of the row the very last stitch should be a "2 HDC" in stitch. but, since the ch 2 is there, I only do one stitch and the ch2 is the second stitch. This way every row is a multiple of 8.

Basically the 4th row is: ch 2, 1 HDC in next stitch, work 2 HDC in next stitch. repeat 7 times. 8th time, 1 HDC in next 2 stiches and slip stitch with the ch 2. Then continue pattern increasing as directions say.

carolinas raggs said...

Thanks for sharing this pattern, it would have been nice to have the instructions for the hcdtog, I have crocheted for many years & have never run across it. for all of you looking for the instructions for this stitch it is: yo insert hook in next stitch yo pull thru 1st loop, insert hook into next stitch yo draw thru all 4 loops on hook.

Rhonda said...

I just whipped up three of these!! One each in pink, black, & gray. I had to shorten the pattern by 2 rows, though, due to the fact that I have such a small head! Found some cool Carron glimmer yarn in the clearance bin @ BigLots for $1 each. Been holding on to it for almost a year now. When I came across your blog & this pattern, I thought I have the perfect yarn for this!! Thanks for the inspiration! I would like to add it might be helpful to beginners if you would add the # of stitches that are supposed to be in each round.

trish said...

I love this pattern and am working on it now. My question for you, motleycruiser, is: Is there a difference between starting the increase round with 2 stitches and then 1 stitch AND starting the round with 1 stitch and then 2 stitches (as sunnyceej suggested)? Is it just preference or does one allow a better looking seam than the other....or is there another reason?


motleycruiser said...

It doesn't really matter as long as you are consistent throughout. I personally like starting with 2 stitches because I don't get a gap when I join my rows and it's easier to count. You always end with your starting number of single stitches. It comes in handy if you are doing something small or with a fuzzy yarn you can tell immediately if you have missed a stitch.

Todd/Jo said...

I love this pattern, but I'm confused about the directions beginning with row 5 where it says...1HDC in next 2 stitches around, *2HDC in next stitch, 1HDC in next 2 stitches* around
Does this mean that for row five you actually go around twice?

motleycruiser said...

Todd/Jo -fixed. One too many arounds

mitaines said...

Thanks a lot for this pretty pattern. I'm not sure if I'm getting the number of hdc right after row 2. Do the ch2 count as stitch when we move to the following row? I'm having multiples of 9 stitches in rows 3 to 8. Should it be multiples of 8?

motleycruiser said...

Yes, the ch2 counts as a dc. You are doubling your number of stitches in row 2. Then you are increasing by 50% in row 3. It's always an even number.

susan said...

What a nice and easy pattern! I made the hat longer and rolled the brim. This went so quickly I will be making more. :-D

freestyle said...

I am so pleased I just finished this hat. Being in England I had first to translate. Apparently hdc is called a half-treble her(ho-hum) Anyway I persisted and it fits.Thank you crafty beaver!

However, where I decreased using the method given by carolinas raggs for the hcdtog, I find there are obvious holes left which would be nice for a lacey pattern but I would prefer no holes for this hat. Can anyone help to avoid holes when decreasing, or is it inevitable? Avril Allen

Mona said...

I love this hat pattern, but why can't I print the whole pattern??

motleycruiser said...

Freestyle- I do not do my hdctog like carolinas raggs. I yo insert hook in stitch, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook) yo insert hook in next stitch, pull up a loop, yo pull loop through all 6 stitches. You are taking 2 individual hdc stitches & decreasing them to 1 for the next row.

Mona- I can't help you with that since I don't know your settings. If all else fails copy the text & past it into a word document & print that.

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for this quick and lovely pattern for beginners! I made it in less than a day and with a textured yarn. (Since I am a novice, textured yarn makes me lose stitches and slows me down.) The finished product looks great! I made a simple scarf to match. This is a definite repeat for gift giving.

gwynneth said...

I love it!!!
Easy to follow pattern. Thank you for sharing it.