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Friday, May 02, 2008

Yard sale season

Oh how I love spring & yard sales. Yes I'm a thrift store & yard sale junkie. What can I say, I really hate seeing things end up in a landfill. I found a post on craigslist wed for a sale that had a bunch of craft supplies. So thurs before chuckles had to go to work we stopped by. It was only 5-10mins from the house. I actually got up early, duh shopping. Anyways they were selling crochet magazines for .10 each. I got 15 enough for myself, my future swap partner & chuckle's mom. They are from the early 90's so some of the sweaters are more humorous than useful but some of the doilies have some great stitches. I've already finished one I'm probably going to give it to my mom for mothers day. I also got a shoebox full of thread spools for $5. My new schedule starts next week so hopefully we will be able to hit more sales since we both have fridays off now. I'm hoping to score some cool vintage jewelry, my bead collection is seriously lacking lately.


Kookie said...

awesome bargain hunting : ) we don't have yard sales over here, I guess the nearest thing would be car boot sales and they're always on a Sunday morning when I'm still in bed ; )

Zeek said...

I love yardsaling and going to thrift stores. It's like treasure hunting!