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Monday, November 29, 2010

Frugal holiday ideas #2

How to make your own gift bows & tags.

It is amazing the amount of money we spend on bows & gift tags just to toss them out. So why not make them out of things you already have. Way cuter and more personal, plus if you use things that you would normally thow out it cuts down on waste.

First up how to make a bow . Super easy & they can be made of ANYTHING. Old maps, junk mail, newspapers, film strips, and so on. Again get creative. If you don't want to use the fabric wrapping technique I mentioned in my last post, try wrapping in newspaper with a junk mail bow.

Gift tags are even easier. Cut out a square of a stiff material & punch a hole in it. Thread some interesting yarn & you are ready to go. Now for me I invested in a gift tag punch. I honestly thought I wouldn't use it that much so I waited till I had a 40% coupon for Michael's to get it. I cannot believe how much I use it. I even use it for price tags at festivals & yard sales. You could use any shape really so if you already have some punches go to town. I've also found old food boxes like cereal boxes, frozen foods, pop can & snacks are made of a light weight cardboard. They make great tags that are blank on one side & some have even have interesting colors and designs on the other.

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