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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frugal holiday ideas day 1

I've neglected my poor little blog because I've returned to school after many year. I'm sorry if anyone is still following this. I'm going to try & make it up by doing a special on having a frugal, handmade, and maybe even green Christmas. Hopefully I can do a couple posts a week with ideas on how to save money while giving rockin gifts while on winter break.

Ok tip numero uno.
Wrapping with fabric, otherwise known as furoshiki.
If you are anything like me you have quite a bit of fabric stashed away for a rainy day. Well now is your chance to give a one of a kind green present while helping to destash. Now I know what you are thinking, what if the gift recipient isn't crafty, what can they do with a large piece of fabric. This is where you can be creative. You could use a scarf (thrift stores are great for big vintagey ones) for your fashionista, maybe a tablecloth for the new homeowner, a baby blanket for the new parents, heck who says it has to be fabric. Knit or crochet a shawl & use the same technique. Get creative & turn that one great gift into two awesome gifts.

Furoshiki instructions

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