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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So last night I had this idea to make a morbid checkbook cover. I have some micro-suede left over from making a leatherface costume & have been trying to think of something gory to make. I'm really anal about listing something or giving a gift that isn't "perfect" in my eyes. So I made the checkbook cover out of the material & splattered red paint over it to look like blood. I didn't really try to match up the sides so it would look a little more like a hand sewn item made out of human flesh. Now I'm a little iffy about listing it on etsy because it isn't my normal good work. So far it has had a lot of views, either people like it & think its too much or the title caught their eye & they change their mind after seeing it. Maybe I can make some other morbid style items if this doesn't work.

On other news I went to the thrift store & got a shell & a cover sweater in 2 shades of pink made out of 100% cotton for $1.25!!!!! Along with an acrylic that looks like a handspun thick & thin. Now all I have to do is decide what I want to make. I'm really into making cloches lately but I need to focus on thing I can sell on etsy until there is another income in the family. I think I'm still excited about ripping the sweaters apart & using my nifty little yarn ball winder more than making anything. Maybe I can find a cute little QUICK shawl pattern to go with my new summer dresses.

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