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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

summer cold

So Chuckles & I have been horribly ill for the last 2 weeks. I was first with a sore throat for 4days straight, it felt like pure fire. Guess I should have taken that as a sign as to how long I would be sick. Can I just tell you how much it sucks to have to talk on the phone for 5hrs straight with throat problems. But I guess it could be worse it could have been a 10hr day.

I swear it my luck I go all winter w/o being sick but as soon as it gets warm out I get a cold. I need to plant some veggies in the garden....don't have the energy. I need to make & list some new items on etsy.....don't feel like it. I need to clean & do laundry....don't feel like it. All I want to do is either sleep all day or be a couch potato.....blah

I finished a couple hats within the last 2 weeks one to sell just like the blue one in my shop & a cute recycled pink cotton that looks like a knit hat inspired by mary jane in spiderman (i think) I only looked at it once but thought it would be cute on my big melon. I need to get around to taking pics. I received the coolest swap package from my crochet swap partner. I just wish Canada post didn't take so long, I know I'm missing out on really great partners by not shipping outside the us but it really sucks to have to wait so long when you know something has been sent.

My new scheduled started today & the big dork I am forgot so I got ready for work.....luckily I don't go in till 6 & 1/2 way there I was like wait a minute I don't think I work today. I went in anyways to see if Kandy was there to pay me for the hat I'm selling her & to double check I didn't have to work....of course she was off & I didn't have to be there soooooo I called up chuckles & we went shopping for mothers day prezzies.

After a couple hours shopping we came home & I vegged.....that's how tired this cold has made me walking around for maybe 2hrs at the most wears me out. I tried to finish this blue recycled cotton hat (just like the pink with a K hook) and I got maybe 3 rounds done & I was done for. Granted I am in no way the most active person but this is ridiculous. So we decided to watch pulse....not to bad, not scary at all but a great movie to sit & comment about the stupid girl going into the dark basement type.

We are suppose to go see Spiderman tomorrow for $5day I hope its good. I can't wait until 28 weeks is out I FREAKIN LOVE the first one & it better not be a disappointment. I am so ready for all the summer festivals to start especially the street fair. I'm ready to get all sun burnt & achy from walking. I love how it makes you feel all exhausted but relaxed, getting all kinds of creative ideas from the things you see & feeling in tune with nature being outside all day.

I recently applied for a job with a local city organization & I hope I get it *crossing my fingers* I would be absolutely perfect for the position & the hours are perfect, the location is perfect, & the pay isn't too bad...but I probably won't get it. I'm not sure why I'm not getting any offers the only thing I can think of is my education. My resume is strong I get replies all the time (things I'm not interested in of course) my work history is strong. I just wish I could get in somewhere where I can show what I can do I am sooooo tired of my current job. I'm so burnt out & dread every day I go in. I'm amazed that I have been there almost 8yrs when the burnout rate is 18months. Guess I can handles some major BS.

So if there are any wealthy bosses out there that need a creative person on their staff & can pay me enough to live I will work for you until I keel over with the utmost gratitude...........

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