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Friday, September 07, 2007

I haven't posted in a while because we had guests over the holiday weekend. We went to Young's Dairy & Chuckles wants to take me to the sheep shearing on the 15th. I secretly think he just wants to play with the goats & sheep again but it's sweet anyways. I have knitted a couple hats & I'm in the middle of 2 star baby blankets. One to sell to a co-worker & one to list on etsy. I also recently listed some buttons & hats (one already sold) on etsy if anyone is interested. I've been using my kick ass bag that I posted ablut last time every day & I LOVE it. I even made a new wallet for it since my old leather one was getting dingy.

We went to see the new halloween last week. It was ok. Totally not what I expected from a Rob Zombie movie. It made the movie more realistic how he did it, showing why Mikey was fucked in the head because his mom was a stripper & his stepdad a perv yada yada but it was kinda boring. But the dude they got to play the adult Michael was freakin huge he had to be a pro wrestler or something. I would say wait for the DVD.

I don't really have any new pics except the one from when chuckles caught a baby bull frog in the back yard he was so cute. I'll have to post that one when I am home from work.

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