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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Book kick

I've been on a romance novel kick lately due to boredom. I went to Krogers the other night at like 1:30 am because I was bored & picked up a couple trashy novels hoping they would put me to sleep. Yes I like my smut what can I say. I'm not really into porn movies or magazines......even though I knew a girl who did them, but that's a whole different story. But I like my romance novels. Yes they are predictable & you could probably read them by skipping whole pages/paragraphs (and I do sometimes) but they are fun & light hearted. They are my version of a romantic comedy. Anyways one of the books I got was "Hidden Agendas" by Lora Leigh. I really liked it. Light on the plot but heavy in the naughty scenes. I hate romance novels that play up all the different character with elaborate name & you can't remember who is the lord & lady of which duke & duchess blah blah. So needless to say I will be looking for more of her books in store. I purchased a couple ebooks but they are really tiring on the eyes. I may hit half price book tomorrow.

I also recently applied for another job AGAIN with he city. They never reply to me so I'm not getting my hopes up. One girl I know took a civil service test & didn't get a call back until 2years later. Tells you how great the city of dayton is, now I know why our streets are so jacked up they sit around with their thumbs up their butts.

I got 3 passes to the movies today at work & they catered Mama DiSalvos not bad. It's pretty sad their catering is better than the restaurant itself. I will probably use my passes to go see the new resident evil that I have been waiting for. I hope its good.

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I just wanted to say thanks for the link! I'm an etsyian too!

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