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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Recycled hat

I haven't really been crafty lately. I only joined 1 swap & I will post pics of what I sent after my partner receives. I did however finish a hat I have been working on for quite some time. I made it on some plastic circulars that I received in that huge box of yarn a couple posts back. They are pretty old but I must say I really liked working with the. It's weird because when it comes to crochet hooks I despise plastic & love wood but with knitting needles I like plastic & dislike wood, weird. Anyways here is the hat I finished. I cant remember the needle size off-hand but I would say somewhere between 5 & 7. I also made a really cool scarf from all of my scraps that I'm thinking of listing on etsy. It's so funky I can't decide if I want to keep it myself.
In entertainment news we went to see Eastern Promises last week. The movie was good even though I figured out what was happening like 1/2 way thru but the ending sucked. If you don't want a spoiler don't read any further. Vigo is a cop in the movie. DUH I figured that out as soon as he fucked the girl in the whore house & gave her that card you knew something was going to happen to help her get out of the situation. My pet peeve was ok he is a good guy & the midwife keeps the baby WHY didn't they end up together it was so stupid. Instead of making him a cop & giving everyone the hope the move would be a HEA why not just keep him as a good bad guy then you could be like aww they can't be together because he is mafia but you know he really loves her. Making him a cop was just stupid I kept thinking ok he took down the boss & his next in line is a alkie so it wouldn't be hard to take him out why does he need to stay undercover.....stupid. BUT I did like the full frontal of Vigo. Even though I don't get into penis watching I think men in movies get it way easy by never showing the goods. I am all about the equal opportunity fool frontal. Let the world know some of your fav dudes aren't hung like a horse.
And on that note I'm off to read some smut. I must recommend if you are tired of the same old romance novels. They cater the the more modern descriptions instead of saying something like her flowering womanhood their authors use words like pussy & cunt which the feminist in me loves! And they also cater to people who like bondage, boy on boy, threesomes yada yada. Oh & most are ebooks so you can be a perv in the comfort of your own home ;)

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