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Monday, October 15, 2007

lots of pics

I've finished a couple things recently. A hat made of a bulky lambswool, angora & alpaca blend that was so much fun to play with even if it made me sneeze. This was my first time making a hat on straight needles instead of circulars. I think prefer circs, I wasn't really big on the seaming & it was kinda hard to judge the size in straight needles. This was really fast to make. Those are also my new glasses that I really love.

I have a couple of stitch books that I have been trying to work my way thru practicing new stitches. I just learned the waffle weave (yes I know I'm behind). Anyways I made a carry case for chuckles new GPS. It was just seamed up on 2 sides & I made the handle from chains & weaving it thru the stitches. Uber easy & it has a good padding for the GPS screen.

I also finished a scrap yarn scarf. I had 2 full large ziploc bags full of scraps. I am 3/4 of the way finished with my second scarf & I haven't even gotten down to 1 bag yet. This was made holding 2 strands together & using a knifty knitter. I relaly like it but I think I may list it on etsy. I was thinking of making something similar to this but doing it in rainbow shades. Like making an all red section of various scraps then going to orange etc. I think it would come out really cute.


Ilix said...

I already said on craftster that I like it....... but whty not again! Love that scarf

Dharma said...

Cute glasses! I like 'em.