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Thursday, August 02, 2007


Well I had my interview today for the seamstress position. It went really well I thought, the easiest interview I have ever went to I wasn't nervous at all. The guy doing the interview said more than I did I think. They have great benefits & pay well over what my min would be & it looks pretty easy. The guy said my experience in customer service was a big plus on my resume because if they were short staffed he could use me in the front office & he also said I really like you, you are easy to talk to YAY! Then he was talking about the business & he was saying how much he hates corporate america & how they treat their employees & I was thinking in my head OH MY GOD I TOTALLY AGREE....but I was cool & said yes I feel the same way. and to top it off they have a dog in their office. I LOVE a company that has a dog it is so progressive. I really hope I get it.

I'm currently working on the anthropologie inspired caplet from this pattern using size 13 needles. I'm making it out of this really outrageous recycled yarn. It is a thick & thin that is fushia, light pink & white with a small strand of gold. I got it to make baby items out of but everyone I know is having a boy. I may not keep it I may just sell it but I wanted to see if I could do it.

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Dharma said...

Sounds like an excellent interview. Always an ego boost.