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Thursday, August 16, 2007


I haven't really felt like blogging lately because I have been feeling pretty blah about the things I have been making. Currently I have a sweater & two caplets going that are knit. I have been so bored with doing the same stitch over & over that I was falling asleep while knitting so I decided to whip up a couple small things. I made a swiffer cover out of some cheap scratchy acrylic I picked up in a grab bag of yarn from the thrift store. I need to sew some buttons on it & I will report how well it works. I crocheted it with some pretty huge bobbles for scrubbing. I'm also working on a small shawl while at work just so I could do some different stitches. I really need to start making items I can list on etsy since some of my things are expiring.

In home news chuckles has a new job WOOO HOOO finally. It looks like it may be a good fit & it will be nice to have some extra money coming in. The seamstress job I applied for said they would have a decision by last wed & I waited till monday to see if they would call & nothing. I really REALLY hate calling a company about a job because I sound like a total goob. You would think I didn't talk on the phone all day...... anyways the chick was like actually we have a meeting Friday (tomorrow) with the company we are looking to get this from so we haven't made a decision yet but I will put a note on your resume that you called. I was kinda iffy about the chick because she didn't really talk that much in the interview but she seemed impressed I called. Cross you fingers for me.

We went to see the Bourne Ultimatum last week. I really liked it, then again I liked the first 2. I found myself laughing a lot during it. Not in the jokey kind of way more like the smart-ass kicking the bad guys buts way. It was pretty good I recommend it. Invasion comes out this week & I want to see it. Chuckles isn't a big fan of nicole kidman but I was like come on it's invasion of the body snatchers we HAVE to go see it. I freaking love all the body snatcher movies, the whole your friends are out to get you like zombie movies is great.

Speaking of zombies I am in the zombie swap & I have made a couple cool things, I'm not going to post them until after my partner gets them because I think that's rude to ruin a surprise but everything is looking pretty good. I think this year I may go as a zombie for halloween if we go to the OD. I'm tired of freezing & you never see any women with cool horror costumes on, they are all to worried about looking like a hoochie.

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