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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

free yarn & needles

My dad's g/f is too cool she is the garage sale & freebie queen. Check out these huge boxes of goodies she got for me for free. One of her friends had to put her mother into a nursing home & she was cleaning out her items. The before boxes:

Yes those ar my toes (atleast they are painted) and yes that is miss jasmine rubbing on the side of the box. I swear she is like a crack fiend when it comes to boxes, plastic bage & paper. I was pouring yesterday when we came in but I couldn't sit still until I could go thru the box so I ran out to the car when it slowed a little bit. Anyways some after pics:

This is by no means everything. This is most of what I am keeping. The water bottle is full of straight needles & DPNs except 1 pair I'm using right now. Check out the vintage all plastic circulars they are pretty neat. Unfortunately all the circulars are small sizes & I need some large ones, but I'm not complaining. I do need some help identifying the wooden item in the top right corner. I was thinking it may be used to stuff small items but I'm not sure. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

There were some other items I'm going to send to my swap partner so I won't mention them here. I also have a item I'm not sure about it looks like an accessory for an old kenmore sewing machine by my best guess maybe to make button holes & some fabric scraps that I plan to give to chuckles grandma (ducks & country hearts, not really my thing).

And here is the after of the yarn box after some winding. Its mostly acrylic. Only 3 small balls of cotton, 1 of mohair & maybe that large green ball in the middle is wool, I'll have to test it.

After box:

the walmart bag is all baby yarn so maybe someone will have a rugrat soon & I can use it. The other I may try to sell on etsy this winter & for x-mas presents.

I also received my package from the crochet bag swap. It was so worth the wait. Unfortuanately customs took 1/2 of the items. I'm thinking of stopping swaps for a while because of all the problems I'm having with the PO.

Here are the great items:

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