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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weight loss

I felt like telling someone this. Not like anyone reads my blog but I feel like sharing. I dropped down to part time at my job in Oct of last year due to the stress level. I was literally feeling suicidal & there is no job no matter how well it pays that will make me go on anti-depressants that I don't normally need (in my head anyways). So since Oct I have lost 20lbs!!!! I haven't been trying to loose weight, I came to terms with my curves long ago but it is nice for my clothes to fit a little better. I haven't really changed my diet except staying away from cafeteria food because I'm not at work when they are open. And I don't really exercise, the most I do is light cleaning & playing with the dog. But it's so cool to me that I have lost that much. Granted I'm not sure where maybe my pinky toe but it's still cool.

Maybe my flabby arms will start to disapper from all the knitting/crocheting.......I wish!

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bettylafea said...

I think it's awesome -- I quit a job last year that packed on the pounds and while I don't think I've lost I know I will eventually. I feel like no one ever reads my posts either lol