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Friday, February 15, 2008

valentines day

yeah ok so we are the biggest lamers of all time. We didn't do anything for valentines day. I got the boi a cute little zombie valentines card from here If you know us then you know how appropriate it was. And I'm ordering a cute little ninja shirt from etsy. That was it. We were both like ehhh I don't want to go out it's too cold. Yes I know lame, but hey we love each other that's what the holiday is about not overpriced roses that will die in a couple days. We went to walmart & I was like just buy me a book I don't really need/want anything. We do our dinner & movie date night every week so a strict holiday doesn't really mean much to me.

My etsy shop has been rockin, I sold 6 items in the last 3 days.

I have a couple people testing new patterns for me so I may have a few new ones to list in my shop pretty soon. I have one for the market bag & the one I had for the yarn ball holder I'm thinking of listing.

I'm totally peeved I missed the first new episode of Jericho. I was saying all week set it up on your tivo you know you will forget. And what do I do, miss the first 15mins. ARGHH so I'll have to find it online. I made myself not watch it so I can know what's going on.

I didn't post about this before but I thought a few would be interested. I have been getting (ok maybe trying to get) really eco-friendly lately. Chuckles was laying on the couch one night while we were watching a movie & said wow I feel a lot of air coming thru this window. Our house is 110yrs old, but they did put in storm windows. I was like hmmmm lets see. I had some old tab top drapes from an old apt I lived in that had huge windows I was keeping for who knows why. I hung them up. They match ok & one panel is short so I put it over by where the cat like to look out. Then I was thinking about the back porch. we keep the door closed because it isn't heated, the windows out there aren't sealed so it just sucks the heat out of the house. I had put down my old rugs over the wood floor because it basically sits right on the foundation. Then I unhooked the dryer vent from going outside. I put a knee high pantyhose over the vent tube. We all have tried this at one time living in an apt. Anyways we keep the back door open when they dryer is on to keep the moisture on the porch down. Our heat bill has went down by $30 last month & the static electricity is gone with all that moisture. I'll post about it next month to see if the bill stays down or if it was a fluke.

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