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Monday, February 04, 2008

What I have been working on

So I took my mother to the thrift store last monday because I found out it was .50cent day the week before. She loves going to the thrift store to get old t-shirts to wear while cleaning that have funny comments. I went for the huge amount of good quality sweaters they have. It's one of the few thrift stores I can go to where I don't itch after I leave & doesn't have that musty smell. So I entered into the bargain hunter swap & can only spend $5, Chuckles was like honey that swap is perfect for you, you can probably pimp your partner out for that much.......and I did BUT I can't post pics yet because I haven't sent. I will show you 2 of the things I made from they yarn I got for myself.

This yarn was originally going to be for my swap partner but
1. It took freaking forever to take apart, so far I still have only recycled 1 sleeve
2. when I started taking it apart the teal would slip over the white yarn that is in the middle making little bumps, which to me looks like poor quality, so I got her something better.

I also made this really cool lunch carrier out of some cotton yarn I recycled. I've been into a lot of eco-friendly items lately & wanted to come up with a lunch tote that was a little out of the ordinary. It fits around an entree size tupperware container.
OK my computer is acting up I will post the rest later with pics if I can

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