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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ok lets see if blogger is being nice

It was crazy warm today. I wore flip-flops...yeah in Feb in Ohio. Sometimes global warming has it's perks. But it has been raining pretty heavy tonight & last night, but it's better than snow & it's great for sleeping.

I have a couple of pictures I need to upload of the things I have been working on. One of the previous posts showed all the great goodies I got from my swap partner in the owl themed swap. Here is what I sent her. From top left clockwise. A tea pot cozy inspired by her wists. The bag part is fleece. The body of the owl is a felted sweater & the rest of the fabric is scraps I had laying around. A book pouch w/book. The fabric is actually a hankie I found at Wal-mart for .99cents. Some tea bags (I love sharing different tea flavors). 2 owl pins made from men's ties. There is one in my etsy shop if you like them. An owl hot pad. The stitch pattern for it actually started out as a hat with a different yarn that I messed up & I was like hmmmm I bet this would be cute in owl colors. A set of knitting needles made out of dowels & fimo. I'm not really great with clay so I made them pretty basic & used those cheepie letter beads for the eyes. Some refillable catnip toys & some fabric with owls on it.

Next up the new hat I tried to post last night. Made from recycled yarn in a acrylic wool blend. It is sooooo yummy & soft I kind of want to keep it for myself. Sometimes I wish I could gush about how much I love items on the description section of my etsy listing, but I know it sounds unprofessional. The bad is also recycled yarn 100% wool. This is from the basic cloche pattern I listed & this is how it turns out with 1 strand of bulky.

And last but not least the cool little eco-friendly tote I made from some recycled cotton. I hope these sell. They do take some time to make & I'm selling them dirt cheap compared to the work I put into them but if it helps the environment it's worth it. This is my original pattern so please don't try to copy it for profit, thanks. It fits an entrée size tupperware container & is made so you can carry your lunch & keep it hot/cold.

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