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Friday, May 11, 2007

Movie reviews

I was thinking since chuckles & I go see a new movie about every week that I would start posting my reviews for different movies. Now be aware I love weird movies like John Waters & cheesie movie so think about that when you read my reviews. so what I have seen lately:

Spiderman- I was actually kind of bored during it. Granted some lady brought in 3 small children behind me that wouldn't sit still & would cry on & off thru the movie. But I honestly thought it was very similar to the last movie. perter parker loves mary Jane then he leaves her then they get back together again in a happily ever after after he rescues her. Sounds familiar doesn't it. The big bad villain is an ok guy at the beginning then he goes all evil then he becomes a semi-softie at the end & decides not to fight against spidey. sounds like doc ock doesn't it. Well that's exactly how the sandmand & the goblin Jr are in this one. Same thing over again. I say wait for it on tape. No real impressive shots & it kinda made me motion sick the way they did the CGI & shakey camera thing.

The Condemned- Ok so this is a WWE steve austin movie which I'm not big on that we went to because nothing else was playing & it was $5 day. But honestly it was pretty good. You know whats going to happen from the beginning hello it was produced by WWE & steve austin is in it obviously he will be the hero. If you are against violence especially against women this isn't the movie for you. But if you are like me & love gore then you will love this. There is a rape scene but they don't show anything just the aftereffect & you can pretty much guess what happened. This is a great guy movie if you are in the mood for violence & a silly plot one of those no-brainer movies. I say wait for the dollar theatre or DVD. No huge effects & not really a life changing plot but a good basic action movie.

Disterbia- So I thought this was going to be one of those cheesie teen movies that I like (I warned you I like cheese) but I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one. Good acting VERY funny in a dry way. Good thriller like ohhhh girl don't go down in that basement type & it has a happy ending. I love happy endings as long as they aren't forced & so unbelievable. I def recommend seeing this one in the theatre worth the money.

300- Love it! I swear this movie is a gay mans dream. The guys in it were seriously chiseled. The story was a little weak at the beginning but it made up for it in cool effects, great cinematography & good acting. I def recommend seeing this in a theatre great effects. I think it would be way better in a theatre than on DVD.

Blades of Glory- Its Will Ferral if you like him then you'll like this, nuff said. Rent it unless you are a huge fan.

Ghost Rider- I wasn't impressed with it. It had some nice bikes in it though. the story was boring, the effects were good. This would be a good movie for kids & tweens. Wait for the DVD

Grindhouse- LOVE IT! the second movie with kurt russell was actually better than the zombie one & I'm a big zombie fan. You will love the first one if you are into mega cheese like me. Excessive violence, gross out puss & corney comedy. If you are a woman you will love the second film especially the end. Go see it in the theatre. Its long but you won't even want to leave during the fake movie previews between each movie.

Black snake moan- Not impressed at all. If you are a Christina rici fan you will love it because she looks really good. The story was stupid & pointless. A total waste of Sam jacksons talent. I wouldnt even rent it.

the Reaping-It wasn't scarey at all but not bad. It had a great twist ending. I'm big on religious movies that are kinda cynical & make you think different things about religion. If you were expecting a scarey movie it isn't but I liked it. You realize what is going on about 20mins from the end but its still good. Rent or dollar theatre

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