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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day by Day Armageddon

So I was looking for a copy of I am Legend on amazon the other day & came across a book called day by day armageddon selling for between $33-$100 for a paperback. I was like um ok WHY? So I read the reviews sounded pretty good. I'm normally not the journal format type of book reader BUT I am a big zombie apocalypse freak so I checked it out. There is a free preview of the month of January in the book here and I honestly enjoyed it so I ordered it thru books & company. I had stopped by my actual store location the other day while out to see 1408 (which I will comment on later) and the dude at the store said they had it but it had to be shipped to my house for $17 something so I came home & got on their site & it was only $15.99. It's a special order so it may be out of print but it doesn't hurt to try. Chuckles read the preview & was like we're gonna fight over the book pshaw I bought it, I get first dibs.

On a crafty note I finished the dishcloths for both of my swap partners & hope they enjoy them. I went to Trader Joes today to pick something up for my crochet goodie bag swap. I know you're thinking ok what is at trader joes that has to do with'll just have to wait till the swap is over & I can post pics.

My hands have been KILLING me today & guess what it's been raining most of the day hmmmm & the doc says it's a pinched nerve suuuuuure couldn't be arthritis nah the doctor who gave me bextra (yeah the one that causes strokes) could never be wrong. If you are wondering I took like 2 of the sample pills he gave me of bextra & didn't notice a change so I put them in a cabinet....lucky for me huh. I threw them out after I saw the recall & lawsuits. I did finish a small crochet project for the crochet swap it helps with the stiffness but I can't do much or they will hurt more.

I have to work tomorrow bleck. I need a new job..........please fairy godmothers of great careers help me get a new job that won't drive me insane and I can pay the mortgage with oh & I can be creative at & I don't get a dick for a boss. I think I should just become a foot fetish model oiy

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