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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Garden swap

Here are the items I sent in my last swap. Click to enlarge
From top left clockwise.
~A garden tool tote. The lining was made with a vinyl tablecloth so it would be easy to clean. I made it baby crib bumper style so she could sit small plants in the open area.
~a metal cake pan. This is an old trick my grandmother used to keep the birds & some animals out of her garden. The noise it makes when it hits the stick scares the crap out of them.
~a rockabilly headband, you really cant see it in the pic but there are little skulls in the hankie print. When I bought this fabric there was a religious lady behind the of the ones that wears the little white cap over their buns...anyways she was like wow that fabric is really ugly & asked the other lady to cut it. Being the freak I am I took that as a compliment from her.
~some pink flame gloves hand painted w/o a stencil
~2 bloody pots
~a little bag that holds soap. You hang it over your outside spigot & you can wash/scrub your hands in one step. It was done in a sc, ch1 stitch very easy. The soap is a M&P made with strawberry tea
~a spiderweb birdhouse. This was easy it was made with scrapbook paper & just decoupaged on. The biggest problem was cutting & folding it without too many rips.
~A good luck garden pick painted like dice & a horseshoe
~ the little garden markers are made from cocktail picks with a Latin word on 1 side & the meaning on the other
~ the Ziploc baggie is a baby spider plant

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