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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

mom's b-day

So today was spent with my mom. If you don't know me in person lets just say my mother & I have a weird relationship. She fell about 3-4yrs ago (the night chuckles & I met for the first time actually) and fell into a coma from the pressure of the blood on her brain which left partial paralysis, which is way better now you would think she was just drunk if you saw her walking. We found out later she had a stroke & that was what caused her needless to say she is a little loopy. Yes I can say that & it's not mean it's my mother she is aware of how she is, to a fault sometimes. So anyways I was expecting this to be another stressful day. The last time chuckles & I took her anywhere she flipped out on me for no reason in the middle of the grocery store & turned all linda blair. I was like umm ok I think it's time to go now. Chuckles was like you two have some serious issues she never flips out on me like that. But to my surprise it was actually enjoyable. Granted I felt like a big pig at dinner because I was the only one who ate their full meal, mom with her no appetite & chuckles with the jacked up teeth/lip but all went well. It's so weird to be happy about a normal day with my mother. I wish more people would appreciate how great of a relationship they have with their mom just by it being normal.

In crafty news we went to the thrift store & I picked up a sweater for .99, its acrylic but it was really soft & had great colors so I will use it. I also got 5 cheesie romance novels. Then I made chuckles go to joanns with me like 15mins before they close because I saw a cute little knit jacket pattern I think I could do & didn't have the needle size for it. I also picked up a skein of SWS which I have been dying to try but they have been out of the last couple times I have been there. I only got one to see if I like the feel of it when I work with it before I shell out any money we really don't have right now.

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Dharma said...

Yeah, I wonder what it would be like to have a relatively sane mom. I don't write about it much on my blog but she is bi-polar, has some OCD issues, etc. It's been a long ride. She's doing really great for the first time in years but a part of me keeps waiting for the shoe to drop.