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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Just a little forwarning for all the pro knitters out there before you laugh at the below post please take note I haven't knitted with needles since I was 8 & I'm 28 now. Also I was really bad at it that's why I tried crochet.

So I really like knitted hats & arm/wristwarmers so after watching a bazillion episodes of Knitty Gritty I got the urge to try knitting again. Let it be know I really REALLY hate how long knitting takes so it will probably take me forever to finish something because I will have to stop every so often to work on something because I get bored. Anyways I made a hat using size 5 circular & DPNs......and it was my first time working with both thank you very much. I can say I really do not like DPNs. The yarn is bernat denim style. I like to practice with a cheap yarn so I won't care if I frog it. I didn't follow a pattern becuase frankly I wasn't sure if I could so I looked up a couple hat patterns & saw what the average cast on stitches were & went from there. Its a little big & short so I may add a row of sc around the brim to tighten & lengthen it. Not sure yet but I kinda proud of myself for a first try. And if you are wondering yes my glasses are ghetto & taped I haven't had time to schedule a new eye appointment.

In other crafty news I recieved one of my swap packages for the dishcloth swap.

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