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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thrift store SCORE!!

I totally love when I find great things at the thrift store. I went to 3 today looking for crochet pattern books & accessories for the hookers only swap I joined. I only found 1 pattern book, but man did I score in the fabric department. One of the stores I went to was selling fabric bags for $2.99, think tall kitchen bag size. I noticed a bunch of upholstery remnants in 2 of them so I bought them. OMG I got a shit load of Todd Oldham fabric samples. They are the ones they usually use for samples at furniture stores. Most are fairly large like 12in x 12in. I'm thinking of making some cute little wristlets & checkbook covers. I may even list the extras on etsy. I am so tickled pink. Then I got a bunch of funky vintage napkins. I've started buying up 70's napkins in browns & oranges, preferably with butterflies. I'm planning on stitching them all together for a funky little patchwork hippy dress. They are all surged already on the edges so I won't have to do that.

I just finished a green paisley long hippy dress that I am uber happy with. I wore it all day & LOVE it. It's made with a poly stretch fabric on the outside & a light cotton lining. Both fabrics are see thru alone. I wanted something for the festivals we go to. I needed something light for the days but I wanted it to be long so if we stayed for the fireworks my legs wouldn't be munched on by mosquitoes.

I also finished a couple wide cotton headbands I'm planning on listing soon. Very easy pattern but they came out really cute. I got some shell place mats from the thrift store a couple weeks ago. They were filthy. I washed them with a brush before taking them apart, but they were still greasy feeling. After getting all the beads apart I soaked them in a mixture of dish detergent & Oxi-clean. They finally came clean, I'm using them in a bunch of projects now. The holes in them are drilled like regular shirt buttons which is really cool. I kinda want to list some on etsy since I have a bunch but then again I don't want to give them up, I want to use them on everything

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