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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

new wallets

Ok here is my first wallet from the fabric samples I mentioned in my last post. Please do not take this as my best sewing. I did these around 3am fast & dirty just because I wanted to play. I used one of the uglier samples to practice on & the interior fabric came in one of the bags, it matches perfectly. I like it so much it's now my everyday wallet. It has a secret hidden pocket. When I open my wallet there is a little upside down pocket in the front that allows me to keep things hidden. The idea came from some stash wallets I say at a head shop in Yellow Springs. At the time I was like wow that is a cool idea but what would I use it for. Mine is a larger version. I can hide a good chunk of my credit cards & if I am on the way to the bank I can stash large amounts of cash. I'm kinda paranoid about people scoping out my wallet when I go to pay for things at a store then mugging me after. So what you see in it is my checkbook, register, around 12 bills, my new card carrier & some change.

The little card carrier is also from fabric samples. These were attached in threes to a larger coordinating sample. I didn't get as many of these, I'm going to be spreading them out more by using the samples on the outside & regular fabric for the lining since you really can't see it that well. The lighter one is for myself & the darker was for chuckles. The sides were already surged like that, I didn't do the wonky sewing. They are leather so I didn't want to rip out the surging because it would have left little holes. I don't think it is too noticeable in person.

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