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Friday, April 04, 2008


I'm sorry to everyone who reads my blog. Although there may not even be that many of you out there. Chuckles & I were struck by the flu bug for about a week. Since I have left my parents house & haven't been forced to get flue shots I really only get minor colds once in a while but this one really kicked my ass. I had this whole inner ear thing going w/o any ear/nose congestion which made me extremely dizzy. It was so weird, we both were coughing like we were 50yr old smokers but we had no lung congestion. I was even taking a shower on one of my worst days & closed my eyes, when I opened them back up I couldn't see. It freaked me out. So the last couple days I have been crafting up a storm when I have down time. It's so weird to not have energy to even sit up. I got a request from a customer on etsy for 8 of my owl pins, she wants to sell them in her local shop. How cool is that....... I will hopefully be done with them within the next day. I have also listed some mini skein yarn samples in my shop. I thought it was a great way to de-stash some of the yummy yarn I don't really have a bunch of & to make a little $ to help with bills. I have also been making scrap yarn hats in specific color, like all browns or all blues. They are coming out really cute & I'm hoping to have them listed within the next couple days.

In weight loss news my flu actually did some good because I lost about 3-4lbs while I was sick which means I am under the 260 mark. I haven't been under 260 in longer than I can remember. I think that must be my cap "natural" weight.

Right before I was sick last week I had to go to urgent care because I was having this horrible pain in my lower back that was making it hard to move. I am really suseptible to UTI's & have even had kidney infections so when I get back pain that is really really bad I go get it checked out. turns out I was having muscle spazms. Totally not fun BUT he gave me an anti-inflamitory & it was killer for my jacked up arm. I was like wow I love these little pills. I also got some muscle relaxers. Which to me wern't really a big deal. They made the pain stop enough so I could sleep & boy did they knock me out fast. I really don't get how people can become perscription drug addicts, I mean how fun is it to just pass out. If you are going to do something that is like a drug wouldn't the purpose be to get a buzz or something off of it. Just passing out & drooling on yourself doesn't really strike me as a good time. But then again I'm not an addict so I don't get most of those things.

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Dharma said...

Yeah that flu is a killer. I had it too.