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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For my swap partner

Things about me....

My sizes:
weight-260(dropping about 1-2lbs a week)
wrists/hands-small(It's weird but I'm a amazon with tiny hands)
pierced ears (3 on each ear actually)
14g barbell in my tongue
18g ring in my nipple

Clothes I like:
Skirts, especially long peasant style tiered skirts
flip-flops. I don't wear socks in the summer & part of the fall
fetish wear mmmmm
knit hats (it's hard to find one that fits so I wear the few I have a lot)
hippy dresses

My style:
I dress like a combo of a hippy & preppy
I LOVE Old Navy....well because its cheap & everything is basic
I love wearing a wild print & a solid together with funk jewelry
I buy things more on texture than looks but I do try to stay current
Fall/winter is my favorite time for clothing you can layer & all the yummy sweaters start coming into season. I'm very much a sucker for something I can pet
I love body glitter
painting my toenails (my fingernails are horribly short)

Sense of humor:
I have a VERY dry sense of humor. sometimes people think I'm serious
I'm very sarcastic
I love freaking people out & making them think
I don't believe in making fun of other people but will make fun of myself a LOT....but I am kinda snarky & say "what was she thinking when she decided to wear that today" quite often

The house/family:
I'm in a committed relationship
I'm queer but not heterophobic (meaning I love men just don't want one)
No kids yet, but definitely want them
2 dogs a weenie & chihuahua
1 cat
I own my house its 110yrs old
My style is Pottery Barn on an Ikea budget
I love natural wood, maroon, paisley, things with texture in my house

Things I like:
sea turtles
celtic knots
large handbags
vintage buttons
60s-70s fabric
recycled items
books (trash romance novels, horror, dean koontz, DIY)
fingerless gloves
long wrist warmers
shells especially abalone style
baked goods smells
real sunflowers
rainbow anything
socks with toes
stretchy toe rings, I have weird shaped toes so can't wear the metal ones
ankle bracelets
tea hot or cold
iced coffee drinks

Things I would love to get:
Bags. Especially project bags. I like them to have a really big body with 2 short straps
Quilts. Yeah I know that's a big one
Wall hangings. Think maroons & browns in lush fabrics with a little bit of India style embroidery
Hats. I have a big mellon
fingerless gloves
chunky bead necklace
vintage fabric. Oranges & browns, 70's butterflies
handspun yarn
sarcastic t-shirts
handmade paper
tarts (the melty type not the food)
crochet patterns
plus size sewing patterns

Things I DON'T like:
things made from duct tape
floral smells especially lotions
clutch style purses(the ones that look like envelopes)
messenger bags
the smell of smoke
cell phone cozies
amagriwhatevers, it's a crocheted suffed animal for petes sake
I like things to have a use, no knicknacks

Politics & beliefs:
I don't have a set religion. The closest I would compare my beliefs to would be a mix of Pagan, wiccan, goddesss worship, greek/roman gods, nature worship & a little bit of Buddhist mixed in. Basically be nice to everyone treat them as you would be treated & if there is a god/goddess he/she shouldn't be feared they would be all loving.
I'm not part of any political party.
I'm pro-choice for everyone else & pro-life for myself (I couldn't do it but who am I to tell others what to do)
I hate prejudice of any kind
I'm very fat positive & hate "style" magazines & I think they should only show real women not skeletons
I don't believe in censorship. I think every "shock" moment is an opportunity to educate your child.
I believe in over educating teens about sex, lack of education is the main reason AIDS is still around
I think the state of the world is also because of people being uneducated. There would be no war if people could talk out their differences...but again I'm a realist about it.

Crafts I want to learn:
glass blowing
soap making from scratch
hairpin crochet-learned but need patterns
wheel thrown pottery
large loom weaving
carving wood on a lathe
pyrogrophy (woodburning)
dying with natural items
furniture making
applique quilting

What I would love to do in life:
Live in the boonies or on a farm away from most people.
Become totally self sufficient, solar power, organic grown veggies, sheep to raise & sheer for fiber, growing fruit for baby food yada yada
homeschooling my kid(s)
I'm a little bit of a paranoid survivalist & I want to be able to not have to depend on others
Be self-employed or doing a job I love so I can spend time with my family & be able to putter around in a craft shed

I will update as I find other things

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Dharma said...

First thanks for the comment on my blog. Tell me more about the street fair! When, where, theme?

From your list, I think we would have some things in common. I look forward to reading other entries.